If you are reading this post…you might be a leader.

Just sayin’.

Because chances are when you clicked on this link the thought crossed your mind…

Maybe I AM a leader!

And what I have found is that people who read this blog…or any blog on education (special, general, homeschooling or otherwise) are leaders. You think differently. You act differently. You have a vision of something that has not yet been attained.

You are a leader. Done.

Now with that out of the way. What do you do with this knowledge? Do you hide it under a bushel? NO! Do you use your leadership skills to coerce people into your way of thinking? No.

You persuade. In fact, I think that this blog is a good example of how we can persuade people to think that inclusive education might be something that they should learn more about. Educators, parents, people with disabilities and without read the things that we post and share them with others. That is why we exist. As a way of disseminating information and stories to persuade people who otherwise would not care about inclusion…to care.

If this is your first time reading the blog…take a moment to scroll down to the bottom left of the page to the Popular Posts section. Here you will find articles that are trending on our site. They are the ones that y’all are reading (and sharing) the most.

If this is not your first time…or you are a member. Take some time and share one of your favorite posts or videos that you have read. The only way people will know that inclusive schools and communities are better for everyone is if you tell someone else about it. Sometimes we like to associate with people who only think like us. It feels safer that way…but not to a leader…which we have already established that you are! Go forth and share with someone who you don’t normally converse with why thinking inclusive is the best way to see the world around you.

In any case. Thanks for stopping by.

And as always…thanks for your time and attention.

You Might Be A Leader If...