It was an absolute pleasure to have Russ Ewell on the podcast. After only being acquainted via social media, Russ and I finally have a nice long chat about inclusion in sports programs as well as inclusive education. We meander through lots of topics on education but the theme is the same…we all learn better together. Don’t miss this great conversation with a true innovator.

Recording from my living room in beautiful Marietta, GA…you are listening to the Think Inclusive Podcast Episode (009) brought to you by Brookes Publishing Company. I am your host Tim Villegas. Today I will be speaking with Russ Ewell, the CEO of Digital Scribbler, Founder of Hope Technology Group which started Hope Technology School (a nationally recognized full-inclusion school and Founder of E-Soccer, an all-volunteer inclusive soccer program.

I had the pleasure of visiting with him one evening in November of last year. Russ and I discuss the beginnings E-Soccer and how for all intents and purposes it happened by accident. We also talk about how sports programs can become more inclusive when everyone has the right attitude and gets training on how to be proactive instead of reactive. Russ even makes me blush near the end of the interview so make sure to listen to the entire podcast.

So without further ado…Let’s get to the Think Inclusive Podcast…Thanks for listening.


Is E-Soccer a program that you would like to see in your neighborhood? What other inclusive sports programs would you recommend? Tell us about it in the comments section below!