Although our little podcast is relatively new, this conversation is one of the most compelling ones we have had to date. Dr. Causton, who is a prolific writer and expert in the field of inclusive education, gives us a roadmap for school districts who are interested in becoming more inclusive. In this interview you will hear how Julie and her colleagues have been able to replicate the success that she had with the Schools of Promise research with schools all over the country. This is one interview you are not going to want to miss.

Recording from my living room in beautiful Marietta, GA…you are listening to the Think Inclusive Podcast Episode (008). I am your host Tim Villegas. Today I will be speaking with Dr. Julie N Causton, an associate professor in the Department of Teaching and Leadership at Syracuse University and creator of the website Inspire Inclusion which includes a ten-part video series about inclusion for parents of children with disabilities. I had the pleasure of visiting with her one evening in November of last year. Julie and I discuss what the necessary steps for schools to become more inclusive which include, professional development, re-imagining school district’s service delivery model, and using the law as leverage for systems change. This is one of the most interesting conversations on the podcast to date so please (if you can) listen to the entire episode. So without further ado…Let’s get to the Think Inclusive Podcast…Thanks for listening.

Download Dr. Causton’s checklist of sample supplemental supports, aids & services:


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