by AZ Chapman

I am a child just like you.
I go to school, and think recess is cool.
But there is something different about me.
I have a disability.

I sometimes drool
You sometimes stare.
Many people pretend I am not there
For I am invisible
you can’t see me
I have a disability.

District personnel see my education a joke
so they bus me across town even though the neighborhood school is not broke.
Their system is.
At school I am sent down the hall.
The classroom door closes and that is all.
I am there all day down the hall.
It’s not fair.

It’s not fair
It can’t be
I should be treated fair
as an equal you see
We learn about freedom
we learn about the world, but we are not there.

Left out of pictures
of social life
the websites about the school do not include us.
Why can’t I be in the pictures?
Why do my parents need to fight for me to be seen?
Seen as a disabled person
seen for me.

Inclusive education that is key.
Its time to close separate classroom.
Because Separate is not equal
We learned that in 1954.

It’s time for us to become visible-
for us to be seen.
For us to be in all general education classes
Learning and living about Freedom
Learning how to read.
Learning about Romeo, Juliet, and Huckleberry Finn.
Discovering our past
Exploring through experiments
It’s time for all that
It’s time to presume competence for all kids
Teach us everything so we have a chance at learning about this world.

It’s time to move the desk from down the hall.
Into same-aged classrooms.
Open the classroom
Let me in
Now is a good time to begin.

Photo Credit: Flickr/Rafael Castillo