Dr. Mary Morningstar is the director of the Transition Coalition. She shares transition tips and resources for supporting students with disabilities to achieve their post-school goals.

Dr. Morningstar shares Transition Tips

Something stuck out to us as we were listening to this podcast with Dr. Morningstar. It was the statement that “there isn’t a substantial amount of evidence, 20 to 30 years later, that effort to create a completely separate curriculum for a certain class of students made a difference [for post-school outcomes].” As the podcast continues, the host and Dr. Morningstar discuss whether or not classrooms with the “functional life skills” label produce more positive outcomes or more employment opportunities for students with significant support needs. Take the time to listen to this podcast, especially if you work with students who are in middle and high school. You can find more podcasts like this one on transition tips from Swift Unscripted at their website.