Supporting Children with Sensory Processing Challenges

This webinar will help providers/caregivers recognize and be able to support those hard to understand children many of whom have immature sensory processing. Specific activities and strategies will be shared that can be used effectively with ALL children while specifically meeting the needs of children with sensory processing challenges. Learning Objectives: 1. Identify the 3 senses that are considered distal senses and that are the core of sensory integration practice 2. Describe 2 methods to improve proximal stability in children’s shoulders and hips 3. Identify at least 3 new sensory-motor strategies that you will incorporate into your classroom that support children with sensory integration challenges.

Supporting Children with Sensory Processing Challenges 9-4-2013.mp4 from Tim Villegas on Vimeo.

PASSWORD: allmeansall

This webinar is made possible by our partnership with Kids Included Together.