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Submission Guidelines

Want to submit a guest post to Think Inclusive? 

We’re always looking for others to contribute content that addresses the needs of our diverse audience and relates to inclusion, special education, disabilities, or disability rights.


Please keep in mind that we receive many requests for guest posts, so it is (nearly) impossible to accept every single one. Therefore, we will only review posts that meet these guidelines: 

  • Align with our mission to be the catalyst for the meaningful and successful inclusion of all students in their neighborhood schools by providing schools with the resources necessary to do so and educating others about the topic of inclusive education. 

  • Are on-topic. This means it should cover something about inclusive education or disability that would be relevant for our audience, which is mostly comprised of educators, parents, and disability rights advocates and activists. 

  • Are relevant and sensitive. Posts should cover information that is current and relevant to the community. Posts also need to be sensitive to the topic being discussed, with appropriate language that is in line with the expectations of the community.  

  • Are easy to read and error-free. Posts should be concise and use accessible language. Posts should also be free of grammatical errors. Guest bloggers should be prepared to go through an editing process with Think Inclusive’s communications team after a post has been submitted for review/before the post is published online. We generally follow AP Style.

  • Have original content. If it isn’t original, then you must make us aware of when and where your blog post was originally published.

  • Are between 400 and 1,000 words. We find this is the best length for guest posts. If we develop a relationship with you for future posts you may be commissioned for articles that are longer.

  • Provide attributions and reference any resources used. This can be in the form of links throughout the article and/or citations at the end. 

  • Include a short bio about the author (you!). An accompanying headshot is also encouraged. 


While we accept guest post submissions from anyone, we are especially looking for perspectives from the disabled community about inclusive education.  We have a small budget to pay disabled guest bloggers.

We will not consider submissions for sponsored posts.


We reserve the right to make final decisions about editing and language, to add and remove links to articles, use modified images and alt text to best suit our audience, decline guest submissions, and remove posts that have already been published at any time.

If you are interested in submitting a guest post to Think Inclusive, please fill out this form:


Guest Submission Form


It may take some time for us to get back to you, so please be patient and know that our communications team is working hard to make sure your thoughts can be shared with our wonderful community. 

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