Why We Are Thankful In 2018

Every year, there are plenty of reasons to be discouraged. 2018 was no exception. But we don’t need to dwell on them with this post.

As the whole country is about to focus on being grateful, we wanted to share with you eighteen reasons why we are thankful in 2018.

Okay, so let’s start.

1. You! We are so thankful that you are here reading this post. 2018 was a big one for us, and every time you visit and share with other people, you are helping us spread our dreams of inclusion. So. Thank you!


2. Employers are hiring more and more people with disabilities, and we couldn’t be happier about it!

3. Patrick, an individual with Down syndrome, goes to college. We are so thankful for the inclusion journey Patrick and his family is sharing with us. Check it out on Facebook and Twitter.

4. Disabled models are on the covers of magazines, and we think that is amaze-balls. In September, Teen Vogue featured three model with disabilities. We salute you!

5. Music videos created by people with intellectual disabilities are f***ing amazing. “We’re gonna be seen, we’re gonna be heard, get out of the way, this is my world!”

6. Disability rights activists who kick ass and are taking names. We are looking at you, Alice Wong and David Perry.

7. Finding shoes for children with disabilities just got a little easier. 

8. Target gave us another reason to hand over all our money, the Cat & Jack adaptive clothing collection.

9. The inclusion of disabled characters on the big and small screen wasn’t all bad. A Quiet Place was a great example.

10. Won’t You Be My Neighbor? Yes. Because Mr. Rogers, that’s why.


11. Cheryl Jorgensen’s 10-Step Plan for Jumpstarting Inclusion. Are you asking yourself, “Where Do We Start?” It is one of the most common questions we get. Check out this webinar!

12. Almost 50% of us voted in the 2018 midterm elections. It looks like all the GOTV efforts made a difference, no matter which side of the aisle you are on.

13. All the podcasts! Not only have we produced more podcast episodes this year than any other year, but there are also tons of new shows that focus on disability rights and inclusion. One of our favorites is the Accessible Stall.

14. We still love Facebook! Seriously, forget all about the algorithms and the Russian meddling and the cat videos. We still have the most followers on Facebook (as of this post over 32,000). So by default, we have to be grateful. Otherwise, how would you ever read any of our posts?

15. Ladies and Gentleman, we officially have inclusion’s first legitimate superstar. It’s Shelley Moore. When people are creating cartoons about you, you know you have made it. Check out Five Moore Minutes; you won’t be disappointed. (Shout out to Kristin Wiens!)

16. New federal laws are coming that will ensure a “bill of rights” for air travelers with disabilities. Can we say, it’s about time?

17. Differentiated instruction is not as hard as you think. Don’t believe us? Just watch this.

18. All of our inclusion peeps. There are too many to list all of them. We couldn’t keep going without you.

There you have it! See, things aren’t so bad.

Thanks for you time and attention, and remember to share this slice of sunshine with your friends. Where? On Facebook, where people read stuff!