Are you a frequent “R-word” abuser? Do you know it’s wrong to say but just can’t quit? Follow these three easy steps and you will be on your way to freedom from using outdated and offensive vernacular!

Perhaps you have come here for help. You realize that you have been using the word “retarded” indiscriminately for years now and it is so ingrained in your psyche that you just can’t stop. Here are three easy steps to make your life (and the lives of others around you) a little bit better.

1. Watch: Not Acceptable R-word PSA by Spread The Word to End The Word

This 35 second video clip probably makes the strongest argument for NOT using the “R-word”.

2. Read This: How to Avoid Using the Word “Retarded” by wikiHow

In this “How-to” article by wikiHow, the authors explain (with visuals) how to avoid using the “R-word”.

Here is Step One:

Keep the definition in mind. The word “retarded” literally is an offensive term for people with intellectual disabilities. By calling someone else “retarded” in an insulting manner, you’re suggesting that having these disabilities is something to poke fun at or be teased for, which it is not.

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Do not call something you don’t like “retarded”

3. Find Different Words To Use: 225 Substitutes for the R-word by Terri Mauro

Terri Mauro (of wrote a fabulous piece on words you can use instead of the “R-word”. Here are some of my favorites:

Often, when asked not to use the R-word, defensive speakers will reply, “You can’t say anything these days!” But people, that’s just a failure of imagination…

For: I am such a(n) ______________. Use: birdbrain, chucklehead, lummox, nincompoop, yahoo

For: You’re so _________________. Use: brainless, cuckoo, daft, kooky, scatterbrained

For: This is ___________________. Use: asinine, bizarro, inane, sophomoric, plebeian

I would also like to add one to the mix… derpy. (See CommentsTo Read More…

While it is easy to chalk it up to “political correctness”, as I have written about before, the words you choose to say matter. Hopefully this post will give you something to think about and perhaps even change your behavior. If you are still not convinced, maybe these posts will adjust your perspective.

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Thanks for your time and attention.

Photo Credit: benchilada & meghantosh