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Why is inclusion important? Here is what you said.

Updated: Sep 9, 2022

Earlier this week, we posted a question on our Facebook page.

Here is what people said. If any of these resonate with you, let us know in the comments section below, or join in the conversation on Facebook!

Inclusive schools build stronger and more inclusive communities. - AR
Inclusion in all environments, home, school, workplaces, medical, politically and out in the community is the right of all humans. It is also the measure of society's civility, progressiveness and humanity. - SC
Inclusion is important to me because everyone deserves to be welcomed, accepted, and treated as equal in value and worth. Anything less weakens society for all of us. - CT
Because she’s not going to a ‘special’ life therefore why should she have to go to a ‘special’ school. Inclusion is important because it makes for a better society for everyone. Any time we choose to exclude or segregate we are taking away someone’s rights. - JW
Inclusion is important to me because I shouldn’t have to ask if my child may be part of the community - not at school, not at a medical practice, not at scouts or church, not at sports training, not at camp or the Y, not at the library circle or the art or drama classes, not anywhere. - MS
Disabled children grow up to be disabled adults. As disabled adults, they'll need to live in the abled world. Inclusion now means my children will have more tools as adults. Inclusion now means their abled peers will be better equipped to welcome them as adults. - MP
Inclusion best mirrors the world outside of school - for both students with disabilities and those without. I jokingly but seriously say there is no special needs church, there’s no special needs grocery store, there’s no special needs gym, etc. We’re literally all in this together! - DC
Personally, I want my kids’ friends to have all the same opportunities as them. Also, it’s just as important for my kids, so they don’t see kids with different abilities as people that should be excluded for any reason. I want my kids to live in a world where they think it’s weird to see kids excluded and question that. - LG
There’s just one world. Inclusion prepares our kids for the world. It also prepares the future hirers to value and take a chance on hiring an applicant with a disability because they remember the value their disabled classmates brought to the classroom. - JGR
Being included is a human need it is basic to humanity, denial of someone’s humanity is innately wrong. Inclusion is the recognition of the humanity of others. - SR

As a bonus, here is what our friend Liz said on Twitter.

Here is the original post on Facebook.


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Tim Villegas is the Director of Communications for MCIE, Editor-in-Chief of Think Inclusive, and the host of the Think Inclusive Podcast. Follow him on Twitter @TheRealTimVegas.


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