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The Think Inclusive Podcast Listening Guide

If you're reading this, then you're probably a consistent consumer of the Think Inclusive blog. But do you listen to the Think Inclusive Podcast?

The Think Inclusive Podcast (TI Podcast) is exactly what you'd expect: a podcast all about inclusive education. But becoming a new listener of a seasoned podcast can be intimidating. How do you know where to start?

Luckily for you, we're here to tell you. Keep reading to discover The Think Inclusive Podcast's Listener Guide. This guide chronologically lists the ten best episodes to listen to so you can become an avid fan of the TI Podcast. Enjoy your listening experience, inclusionists! (Or enjoy your reading experience by accessing the transcripts under each episode at

Paula Kluth | Don't We Already Do Inclusion?

September 2013

In this episode, Paula Kluth discusses whether reverse inclusion can be a stepping stone to authentic inclusion, ways educators can promote inclusion at their local schools, and if technology in the classroom is all that it is cracked up to be.

Julie Causton | How Can We Reform Our Schools For Inclusion?

January 2014

Julie Causton discusses the necessary steps for schools to become more inclusive. This includes professional development, re-imagining a school district's service delivery model, and using the law as leverage for systems change.

Emily Ladau & Kyle Khachadurian | The Accessible Stall

August 2017

In this episode, we talk with Emily Ladau and Kyle Khachadurian about how and why they started The Accessible Stall podcast. We also have an interesting conversation about inclusive versus isolated special education schools and classrooms.

Mike McHargue & Erin Green | Same-Sex Relationships, Autism, & Inclusion

September 2019

In this podcast episode, we interview Mike McHargue and Erin Green about the intersection between disability, sexual identity, and faith.

Including Students with Intellectual Disabilities in General Education

February 2020

This is an episode about modifying the curriculum for students with disabilities. It includes a conversation with Juanita Pritchard and resources from Nicole Eredics.

Carol Quirk | Systems Change and Inclusive Education

June 2020

We interview Carol Quirk (CEO of the Maryland Coalition for Inclusive Education) about what it really takes for school systems to move to a model where 90% of all students with disabilities are included in general education classrooms. It is not only a pipe dream.

Why I Call Myself An Inclusionist

January 2021

Tim Villegas (host of the TI Podcast) tells the story of his inclusion journey and how it led him to what he doing now: advocating for the full and authentic inclusion for students with disabilities.

Alfie Kohn | Does Behaviorism Belong in the Classroom?

March 2021

In this episode, we have a very special conversation with Alfie Kohn about whether bribes and positive reinforcement are really the same thing. We answer the question: "Should educators abandon behaviorist ideas altogether?"

Amanda Darrow and Shamby Polychronis | Honoring Intersectionality

January 2022

Amanda Darrow and Shamby Polychronis cover a lot of ground in this episode, including the difference between gender/sexuality/sex, pronouns, stats on people who identify as both LGBTQIA+ and disabled, and ways educators can make classrooms more inclusive for both communities.

What Inclusionists Need To Know About the Anti-CRT Movement

February 2022

In this supersized episode, we interview four individuals with experience and expertise in Critical Race Theory (CRT) about what advocates for inclusive education need to know about CRT and the anti-CRT movement.


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Kayla Kingston is the Communications Specialist for MCIE. A recent graduate of the University of Dayton, she loves reading, writing, and supporting all things inclusion.


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