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33 Creators Worth a Follow on Instagram

Updated: Sep 29, 2022

Instagram has become one of my favorite social media platforms in recent years because it is easy to present and consume information in bite-sized amounts. Whether it's a blog, podcast, influencer, or nonprofit organization, these Instagram creators produce fantastic content related to inclusion. Check them out and give them a follow if you feel so inclined! And don't forget to follow Think Inclusive and MCIE on Insta as well.

Tshirts & hoodies that do good

Apparel & clothing

Rock our tees to support artists with disabilities and causes they care about. Help us change the world one shirt at a time 🌎♥️👕 👇Shop the collections


Rasheera Dopson her/she

Author ✍️ 📖 Scholar ✊🏾Advocate

Believer ✝️

Womanhood&Disability Podcast 🚺


Tiffany Yu she/her/hers


🇹🇼🇻🇳 in LA

✧ exploring what it means to be disabled & live well

#AntiAbleism series, @diversability, @tiffanyandyu

✧ 3x TEDx speaker, TikTok 116k


Diana Pastora Carson

Educator, Author, Speaker. Helping educators understand disability awareness from a social justice lens.


New Jersey Coalition for Inclusive Education Nonprofit organization We're dedicated to creating bright futures for students with disabilities—through inclusive education.


Kids Included Together (KIT) Teaching disability inclusion and behavior support practices, so NO child is excluded!


Charmaine Thaner 💥Special Ed Advocate: Get inclusive ed your child deserves. Son with Ds💙💛 📘Retired Teacher 🎬Host Weekly Advocacy show


Bre | ND Inclusion & Behavior Consultant Entrepreneur 💫 Former Accessible (Special) Educator & Instructional Coach 💫 Improving Inclusive Practices in schools 👇🏽Co-Teaching for Beginners eCourse!👇🏽


Jen & Mira she/her/hers Education Black Lives Matter Anti-ableism🤍Anti-racism Ungrading 🖤 Teacher Educators PhDs


IEP | Parenting | Travel Coach A community for moms raising kids with disabilities who want to thrive in motherhood ✨let’s build new ⚒️for home/school ❤️Inclusion Accessible✈️tips


Novak Education Educators Deserve Better Education. Education Consulting. Professional Learning. Online Courses. All Things UDL. #UDLNow


CommunicationFIRST Charity Organization Disability-led nonprofit advancing the civil rights of nonspeakers #LISTEN Access. Opportunity. Justice.


QCIE Education website Helping families make inclusive education real for their family member using group events, social media, resources, peer support, political engagement


ClaraBelle_Blue The 5 🌟 rated children's book that brings INCLUSION to story time! Change the world, one bedtime story at a time! #specialneeds #cp #schizencephaly


Shelley Moore She/Her An inclusive educator, storyteller and researcher trying to help education change its aim.


Inclusion Project Local business Inclusion is human. All abilities. All people. 🌈 ❤️ ♾ Becoming a genealogist, designing a better world. #InclusionIsHuman


Love & Inclusion Podcast Two moms. One dream. Love and Inclusion in the Real World. @tenamgreen


Damon Kirsebom he I am a twenty-one-year-old autistic guy who advocates for non-speaking individuals.


Kayla Coburn she/her Entrepreneur 💕you can sit with us💕 ☀️inclusion consultant☀️ 🌈forever learner🌈 🦄inclusion advocate🦄


Jack Catalano he/him/his Education Neurodiversity Affirming Public School Teacher NYC Disabled - hEDS Zebra! - ADHD Anti-Racist - Anti-Ableist - Feminist Find me on TikTok for more!!


Funderar över näringstät och sund kost för hela familjen. Skriver och reflekterar över inkludering, Downs syndrom och livet som funkismamma.

Thinking about nutritious and healthy food for the whole family. Writes and reflects on inclusion, Down syndrome and life as a functional mother.


The Nora Project Nonprofit organization Promoting disability inclusion by empowering educators and engaging students and communities. #TheNoraProject


The Inclusion Initiative Educational Consultant Supporting teachers and leaders sustain their inclusion initiatives. Co-led by disabled and non-disabled education leaders.


Beyond 6 Seconds Podcast she/her/hers Podcast Extraordinary stories from #neurodivergent people: #entrepreneurs #creators #advocates & more! #Podcast hosted by Carolyn Kiel. #ActuallyAutistic


April | Beyond Inclusion she/her Education 📚 PhD Student | Researcher | Educator 👩🏽‍🏫 Anti-Racist & Anti-Ableist Education ✊🏽 INCLUSION ➜ LIBERATION


Meg Proctor (she/her) Entrepreneur 🌟 Pro-neurodiversity, strengths-based autism trainings for OTs, SLPs, and mental health providers 👇🏼Dive deep with free resources


Encounter The Power of Facial Difference A new virtual program from @ccakids to amplify the voices and stories of people who live with facial difference.


All together - Boutique with Purpose Shopping & retail 🌻Vocational training for young adults with different abilities. ✨A Lifestyle Boutique: sizes XS-XL ✨Free shipping on $100 +


CoorDown Nonprofit organization The leading Italian non-profit that promotes and protects the rights of people with Down syndrome. See our new campaign


Proud Stutter


A podcast about changing how we understand & talk about stuttering. Hosted by Maya Chupkov.


Open Future Learning We are an online learning provider 100% dedicated to the intellectual | developmental | learning disability workforce.


Megg Thompson ❤️I help parents & teachers manage behavior ❤️Neuro-affirming Behavior Consultant ❤️Author ❤️Affiliate: @calmstrips & @pmcomfortwraps #beloudforlove


Raul Krauthausen Public figure Autor | Moderator | Medienmacher. Aktivist für #Inklusion & #Barrierefreiheit ♿️ @SOZIALHELDEN, @dieneuenorm Neuer Podcast: "Im Aufzug" 👇

Author | Moderator | Media makers.

Activist for #Inclusion & #Accessibility ♿️ @SOZIALHELDEN, @dieneuenorm

New Podcast: "In the Elevator" 👇


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Tim Villegas is the Director of Communications for MCIE, Editor-in-Chief of Think Inclusive, and the host of the Think Inclusive Podcast. Follow him on Twitter @TheRealTimVegas.


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