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5 Things I'm Thankful for This Year

It's gratitude season. This year, my family has a list we've attached to the front of our fridge to write down things we are thankful for this year. So from our fridge to this blog, here are five reasons I'm grateful.


Think Inclusive would not exist for over a decade unless you kept coming back and reading our blog posts and listening to the podcast. I'm so thankful that I can advocate and equip families and educators for inclusive education full-time.

Inclusion Stories

This one kind of has a double meaning. First, I'm thankful to all the families and educators I've talked to this year about their inclusion stories. You have wanted to share some with the world, and others are your private victories. But it reminds me that there are a ton of inclusionists out there making a difference. Second is the narrative podcast series that we started producing this year. I'm putting together a rough cut of "Chapter One" to play at the TASH conference this year. I'm excited about the feedback, and I hope it can be a tool to change some minds toward inclusive practices.

All-Terrain Track Wheelchairs

I guess I'm biased because I live in Georgia. But have you heard about the all-terrain wheelchairs available for rental at some of the Georgia state parks? Pretty nice.

The Georgia Department of Natural Resources has partnered with the Aimee Copeland Foundation to provide free, high mobility all-terrain track wheelchairs at 10 state parks, historic sites and a wildlife center. The initiative encourages those with mobility impairments to reconnect with nature, explore nature trails, go fishing and attend adaptive hunts. All-terrain track chairs are designed with safety in mind, giving Georgians who otherwise might not be able to navigate more difficult types of terrain the ability to hit the trails and easily navigate through mud, water, sand and snow...The chairs can be used for hiking, hunting, fishing and other outdoor education and recreational activities.

Audio Description

I'm relatively new to listening to audio descriptions for films or TV, but recently I've met some people who work in that industry. It is fascinating how you can experience media in such a different way. One of my favorite podcasts, Twenty Thousand Hertz, just published an episode about it called, A Thousand Words. Check it out if you get the chance. Or, if you don't already experience TV or movies with audio descriptions, try it out the next time you stream something.


Finally, I'm thankful for the Maryland Coalition for Inclusive Education. Yes, it is my job to tell you about MCIE and our work all over the country. But we are a unique organization, and we get the privilege of partnering with school districts that want to change. And when you find a school system that realizes what they need to do to include all learners, it is so satisfying! We can help you on your journey to inclusion. Let us know if you are interested, and we can start a conversation.

That's it for now. Thanks again and make sure to tell your family, friends, and colleagues about Think Inclusive. Have a great one!


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