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31 Reasons Why You Should Support Inclusive Education

Updated: Jun 25, 2021

Recently we asked our followers why they support inclusive education.

We were blown away by the responses.

[GIF Description] Dietrick Haddon, from the reality series Fix Your Choir, excitedly saying “I am blown away!”

At MCIE, we define inclusive education as:

…educating all students in age-appropriate general education classes in their neighborhood schools, with high-quality instruction, interventions, and supports so all students can be successful in the core curriculum. Inclusive schools have a collaborative and respectful school culture where students with disabilities are presumed to be competent, develop positive social relationships with peers, and are fully participating members of the school community. MCIE

While authentic inclusive education is happening all around the country and world, it often is either absent from school systems or practiced in “name only.” Here are some of the most thoughtful responses from across our social media channels.

I support inclusive education because society at large is no longer segregated by the abled bodied and the disabled. My child needs to learn to navigate the world with people of all abilities not just so he can gain a greater sense of independence, but so the world can gain a greater sense of acceptance and inclusion too. Melissa
Because decades of research show inclusive education benefits all students, with and without disabilities. Plus, it’s just the right thing to do from a human rights perspective. Dawn
Because education should reflect society and should have representation of a diverse range of people. Inclusive education nurtures empathy and understanding and educates the whole child. Meg
Because I support the ideology that no one is more important than another. In this universe we all have a role to play and sometimes the greatest lessons learnt are from the most unexpected teachers. Jera
Because inclusive education = education. Some people just still need a label in order to make sense of what “all” means. Jenn
Because we can’t have an inclusive society without starting with education. Megan
Because inclusively designed education fosters diverse ways of being (which in itself has benefits, eg mental health) and thinking which leads to innovation in how generations design an inclusive future in all areas of life Caren
Education in the [Least Restrictive Environment] is a fundamental right in the [United States]. [Special Education] is a set of services and supports – Not a setting. Lisa
Because it creates equal opportunities to children with disabilities to learn within their local environment rather than being secluded in special schools Leah
Because to have a inclusive life, we need started by going to a inclusive school. To put expectations on me and not getting special treatment that mainstream ed gave me, what I need to be the woman that I am today! To me, it was the greatest gift that my mother gave me Marlena
From a parent’s perspective and in my limited knowledge on the subject, my daughter will never learn how to act in society unless she has neurotypical peers to model. Kimbrella
So many reasons but let’s go with-we never know what someone is capable of until they have an opportunity to show it. Oh, wait- how about because you can’t get to the same place in The same way by taking a different path. Or because we know that if we took the same person and filled their lives with enriching experiences they would be changed far beyond a life where they had none. How many responses do I get? Kristin
Why wouldn’t you? Whoever decided humans should be segregated? Does is make sense to arbitrarily choose a criteria and choose to separate humans because of it? How did you make the decision on that criteria? How do you know that works for the individuals? Humans are not various types of vegetables or fruit that you can sort or categorize. Humans are…well…human. We come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, talents, abilities, etc. One is not better than another, one is just one. One member of a human race. #butwhatiftheycan Robin
because it leads to opportunity Vee
Because we ALL want the same thing! To love, be loved, be included and belong. It’s that simple. We’re all humans ❤️❤️❤️ Michelle
There should never be a ceiling on learning for anyone by anyone. Separate is never equal. Snow
Because our youth need to be prepared for the real world together–not separately. there is no ‘other’ world after graduation unless that involves staying at home or being in institutionalized settings. Greta
I support inclusive education because everyone belongs in the world. I always told the educators there wasn’t a separate room in the world and there shouldn’t be at school. Unfortunately it starts at school😞 Rene
Because there’s not a separate world for people with disabilities after school ends. Julie
Safety and friendship. Because everyone belongs. Bronwyn
I support Full inclusion PreK and on…we live in an included world.. and they learn quicker and better with typically developing peers. De
The right to inclusive education according to the Article 24 of the UN Convention of the rights of persons with disabilities. It is a human right. Cheryl
I support inclusive education because it allows my child to have his eyes opened to the world around him, to explore his interests, to have a rich educational experience and to be included in all that he should be by the rite of being a human, a child, a student. I also support inclusion because I don’t want my typically learning children to be separated from those who have disabilities! They need each other and learn from each other. Brandy
Because it is a civil and human right for everyone to learn along side their peers in the least restrictive environment. Because years of research shows that children with varying needs learn best with their typically developing peers. Because friendships are soooo very important for schools to cultivate. Because modifications and adaptations when needed can make it possible for everyone to be successful. Because segregation is exclusion and should not be used unless it’s absolutely necessary. Full inclusion might not work for some. It depends on the students needs. However if EVERY school had the supports in place there would be many successful inclusion models to follow. Nancy
Because in over 650 iep cases I’ve been a part of- I’ve seen that it yields better outcomes for ALL students !!! Krista
It’s not that I look at it as supporting it, but more as the way it should be! This should be the expectation not the exception:) Leslie
Our daughter should have access to the same information/materials that are taught as any other student. There are so many benefits for all of the students to learn from each other. Christiana
In order to hv a full life in society one needs to grow up living and being educated in the regular society! There is no special society! Sheryl
Because we should all embrace diversity it’s an important element of life, it’s a beautiful thing & something we should all understand it benefits us all. How we all need to feel & be in this world, connected, valued, accepted & loved! Jane
Because life is not a special day classroom. Rena
Because separate is almost never equal. It may be unintentional, but expectations are lowered in separate classrooms. Even the children, without typical role models, have lower expectations for themselves. Marjorie

Tim Villegas is the Director of Communications for MCIE, Editor-in-Chief of Think Inclusive, and the host of the Think Inclusive Podcast. Follow him on Twitter @TheRealTimVegas.


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