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10 Podcasts You Can Use for Professional Development

Updated: May 12, 2022

When I was a kid, I was obsessed with the radio.

Let’s be honest, I am a grown man still obsessed with the radio, painstakingly curating playlists in my Spotify account. I remember sitting on my bed with a boom box in my lap, waiting for my favorite songs to play so that I could press record on the tape player. Many a mixtape was made that way and, as I grew, my love for radio grew as well.

[GIF Description] animated clip from the series Cowboy Bebop; two hands pushing down on a tape player’s boom box and then pressing play

After taking a radio production class in college and dabbling in studio recording with my college alt-rock bands, audio production was of big interest. Even in my first year of teaching, I remember interviewing a colleague at my school about his life and education journey. When Think Inclusive was first getting off the ground, it was my dream to record my thoughts on inclusive education and put them out on the World Wide Web; thus, the Think Inclusive Podcast was born.

A great thing about podcasts is that they can serve as easy professional development for anyone looking to learn more about inclusive education. While we (of course) are partial to our podcast, fortunately, we are not the only ones shouting out into the internet about inclusion and disability rights, and the content is so rich that it is almost overwhelming.

Here are ten more podcast and episode recommendations to use however you like. Make sure to subscribe, listen, and rate them on your favorite podcast player.

Five Moore Minutes with Shelley Moore

From bowling to baked potatoes, you can’t miss Shelley’s ability to turn a phrase. Her witty and self-deprecating style makes complex topics like scaffolding and differentiation easier to understand. You can watch Five Moore Minutes on YouTube and listen to the companion podcasts on your favorite podcast player. Here is one of our favorite episodes.

The Inclusion Podcast

Julie Causton is no stranger to inclusive practices. Her research and articles are renowned for explaining what inclusion looks like and how it can be implemented. The Inclusion Podcast is an extension of her work and rife with parent and educator strategies. Check out one of her latest episodes about including students with complex communication needs.

Inclusive Education Project

Amanda Selogie and Vickie Brett are special education attorneys that met in college and shared a passion for helping families include their children in general education. Their nonprofit, the Inclusive Education Project, focuses on work in California, but the podcast is for everyone who desires a more inclusive school system. Here is a recent episode about the importance of Social Emotional Learning.

Swift Unscripted

SWIFT Unscripted is the official podcast of the SWIFT Education Center connected to the University of Kansas. Known for promoting Multi-Tiered Systems of Support (MTSS) and inclusive education, their podcast features guests that help explain it to the world. This episode is about equity-based MTSS.

UDL in 15 Minutes with Loui Lord Nelson

Dr. Loui Nelson is an educational consultant who focuses on Universal Design for Learning (UDL) and is the host of UDL in 15 Minutes. This teacher-friendly podcast helps explain UDL in manageable chunks, perfect for the busy life of an educator. Check out her other podcast called UDL Research in 15 Minutes, which follows the same format. This episode is a great primer on UDL for general educators.

The Inclusive Class with Nicole Eredics

While Nicole Eredics is no longer producing the Inclusive Class Podcast, her podcast archive remains highly relevant in inclusive education. Nicole has since written the spectacular book Inclusion in Action, so if you are looking for a more recent iteration of the strategies she talked about on the podcast, check it out.

The Accessible Learning Experience by CAST

The folks at CAST have made a fascinating series about accessibility and Universal Design for Learning. During their first season, they delve into the history of CAST, highlighting state accessibility initiatives, and building the capacity for the effective use of assistive technology where young children with disabilities and their families receive services. Here is their latest episode.

Be Antiracist with Ibram X. Kendi

While this podcast is not specifically about inclusive education, it is important to follow the throughlines of racism and ableism for educators who seek equity for each and every student. This is exactly what Ibram X. Kendi does in his interview with Rebecca Cokely, one of the country's leading voices on disability.

Mind Matters

The Neurodiversity Podcast talks with leaders in the fields of psychology, education, and beyond about positively impacting neurodivergent people. Emily Kirsher-Morris has an incredible lineup of guests for her pod. One of our favorites is her conversation with Mona Delahooke, author of Brain-Body Parenting. Emily and Mona discuss understanding challenging behaviors through the lens of emotional regulation.

AAC Town

We just stumbled onto this podcast and we are so grateful we did. Hosts Sam and endever* share information and personal experiences around using their communication devices and other Augmentative and Assistive Communication (AAC) tools in their day-to-day lives. Check out Episode 1. We are looking forward to hearing more!


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Tim Villegas is the Director of Communications for MCIE, Editor-in-Chief of Think Inclusive, and the host of the Think Inclusive Podcast. Follow him on Twitter @TheRealTimVegas.

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