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[Tim Villegas] One September Day in 1950, Oliver Brown took the hand of his seven-year-old daughter and walked up the steps to their neighborhood School in Topeka, Kansas to enroll her in third grade.

Brown who was a pastor wanted his daughter Linda to go to the all white school not because it was necessarily better than the all black school 2 miles away.

It was simply the right thing to do.

He and his daughter were rejected outright.

In a speech that Linda Brown gave nearly 50 years later at the University of Michigan. She recounted, “My father pondered, why? Why should we have to tell our children that they cannot go to the school in their neighborhood because their skin is black?

You probably already know the end to this story.

The 1954 Brown versus Board of Education Supreme Court decision was a landmark case that ended decades of segregation in public schools in the United States.

What you may not know is that not only is racial segregation still happening 70 years later, another type of segregation has been happening for just as long.

Segregation by disability

Thousands and thousands of children continue to be sent to segregated classrooms or schools labeled too disabled to learn alongside their typically-developing peers.

But haven’t we come a long way? Aren’t institutions and special schools a thing of the past? Don’t people with disabilities need something different or a special place to learn?

My name is Tim Villegas.

On this, our 7th season of the Think Inclusive Podcast, we will explore why, despite three decades of research that inclusive education produces better outcomes for people with and without disabilities, and a rich history of case law that interprets inclusion as a right, not a privilege for a select few, the promise of inclusion continues to be a struggle for students and their families.

We will hear from school administrators,

[Erin Studer] It’s a major problem. If you tell me that a child with an intellectual disability in California will spend 80% of their K through 12 experience only with other children with disabilities. That’s a problem.

[Tim Villegas] researchers,

[Julie Causton] We’ve been told, we’ve been taught, we’ve believed that children with disabilities, deserve to, do better when, need to be in separate spaces and that’s a convenient thing to think because those students are somebody else’s problem.

[Tim] and even editors from America’s education news site of record.

[Christina Samuels] these kids are in the general education classroom they are with general education teachers and general education teachers cannot realistically say this has got to be somebody else’s job. It’s their job.

[Tim] and many more voices from disabled advocates, educators, parents and other stakeholders who desire to see a more inclusive world.

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