Out of the sheer number of individuals aiming for the professional educator degree, there are those who would want to specialize in their craft. The will to teach is already a very noble cause and a highly-respected career path to take. And if you decide to push your skills further and educate kids with special conditions, the feeling is even more rewarding.

Maximo Nivel is an organization created to provide international education to three of the most culturally-rich countries- Peru, Costa Rica, and Guatemala. Since its establishment in 2003, the organization was able to provide high-quality education to a number of kids. It was able to host numerous volunteers and professionals as well. Simply put, this organization merely exists for children with the strong desire to be educated. It’s also for people with the desire to help and the passion to educate.

Fact is, there are people that wishes to utilize their skills to help children with special needs. And Maximo Nivel offers not just a simple platform for that. It offers you the chance to explore with the international special education internships.

Many aspiring teachers get to accomplish their dreams in the international scene. Why limit your experiences to your own country when this choice is available? Not only will you get to have the first-hand experience in teaching, you’ll also learn the cultures and traditions of many international communities you weren’t aware of. The chance to help schools from developing countries is also given.

Even without the professional teaching license, you’ll still be eligible for the position. To qualify for a position, it’s imperative that you work on your skills and acquire the needed requirements to prepare for your next venture

Basic knowledge of teaching processes and techniques. It’s preferred that interns have specific units in education and teaching. Hence, your degree should be closely related to teaching. But the most important thing is to have an idea of the basic processes and approaches used for teaching kids with special needs. This way, effective communication is established and it also serves as the foundation of your skills.

Having a teaching degree is not essentially required since a lot of volunteers don’t have such requirements.

ASL Proficient. Most students have hearing and speaking impairments. This essentially means talking about lessons won’t work and it certainly won’t create the desired result for the children. It’s required that interns and volunteers have mastery over the standard American Sign Language to properly communicate.

It’s not only imperative during lessons but on day-to-day communication needs.

Intermediate Spanish level. Spanish level mastery should be at least intermediate level. Teachers and interns are required to communicate on a regular basis. And even if you’re teaching English, the lessons will progress better when you can speak Spanish with ease.

Understanding is the first step to effective learning.

Passion and the drive to provide quality education in varying environments. Nothing can be accomplished without the passion to see through everything. No matter how skilled you are as an educator, if you lack the motivation and drive, the results will be substandard. Thus, it will not be as fulfilling as you want it to be.

Special education placements mean that you’re working closely with private schools. The internship entails working closely with a teacher as an aide or providing one-on-one lessons for each one. You’re also given the chance to conduct your own lessons. All of these contribute to your growth not only as a person but an efficient educator.