The short film, Marina’s Ocean, is a beautiful story of inclusion.

After being screened at several international film festivals, the Brazilian short film “Marina’s Ocean” has just been submitted to the Academy Awards.

The film stars Aline Videira, a talented actress with Down syndrome, playing a 15-year-old girl who wishes to visit the sea for the first time.

According to the director Cássio Pereira dos Santos, “Marina’s Ocean is a fable about a girl’s dream, and how it becomes much more difficult for her to achieve this dream when the community she lives in is not inclusion-friendly. I think Marina’s journey also represents the way people with disabilities struggle to access even the most basic rights that everyone should be able to have. Here in Brazil, for instance, some private schools are refusing to admit people with disabilities as regular students, even though the law states that everyone should access basic education without discrimination. Unfortunately, prejudice still exists, and it exists because people are unaware that inclusion is a wonderful thing for the whole community. I wish our little film could be able to move audiences and help people embrace diversity.”

The Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences notified the filmmakers the movie has been received and is in consideration for a possible Oscar nomination in the Live Action Short Film category. A shortlist with 10 finalists will be published by the end of November, and the nominated films will be announced in January.

Here is a brief synopsis of the film:

A group of countryside students are preparing a special trip to the beach. Marina, a 15-year-old girl with Down syndrome has a strong wish to visit the sea for the first time. Forbidden to travel with the other kids, Marina starts her own journey towards the Atlantic Ocean.

Original title in Portuguese:

Marina não vai à praia

Marina não vai à praia | Marina’s Ocean TEASER from Cássio Pereira dos Santos on Vimeo

In March 6, 2014, the director and the crew received very heartbreaking news: Aline Videira, the girl who plays Marina, passed way in a tragic manner, in a car crash. Aline was a girl full of energy and with lots of joy within, and every single person of the crew got attached to her during production, post-production and during our first public screening. The film process was a beautiful experience of inclusion.

Aline was in Tiradentes Film Festival (Brazil) in January 2014 to present the first screening of the film. It was the first time she was in a movie theather and enjoyed the experience a lot.

Some minutes before the screening, she would approach strangers in the line and would say:

“You should see Marina’s Ocean… I’m the movie star of this film”.“You should see Marina’s Ocean… I’m the movie star of this film”.

Marina’s Ocean is now dedicated to the loving memory of this beautiful actress.

For more information you can visit the film’s Facebook Page or website. You can also email the director, Cássio Pereira dos Santos, with any inquiries.