One Sunday afternoon, my family and I watched a ton of Kid President videos. We have come to realize the genius of this little guy and marvel at his comedic timing and precocious wit. So, if you are not one of the 2 million plus people who have seen “A Pep Talk: For Teachers And Students”, I highly encourage you to do so.

Here is another one our favorites. Kid President explains the “20 Things We Should Say More Often”. This one will make you smile and want to pass it along to a friend.

This one goes out to all the Moms. All Moms. ‘Cause you deserve it.

Bonus Video: Here is Kid President’s “A Pep Talk” video, the one that blew up the internet. Wow…30 million views. I think this should remind us that we all like a little encouragement…and it is contagious.

Thanks for enjoying these with us and don’t forget to be AWESOME!