When it comes to educating, caring for, and parenting students with cognitive and/or physical disabilities, the list of things to manage can feel overwhelming. Treatment plans and strategies vary widely — from individual coping tools, special teaching techniques, classroom modifications, and various therapies, there is plenty to keep track of — including other educators or caregivers involved in the student’s life.

For some, prescription pharmaceutical medications continue to play an important role in this equation, whether for the treatment of additional medical conditions at play, symptom management, or other reasons. Forgetting to take, taking the wrong dose of, or mismanaging these medications can lead to unnecessary setbacks and other hard-to-handle situations. Simplifying the medication management process is a small but impactful step you can take towards making your and your student’s journey that much easier and more effective.

One company doing just that is PillPack, an online pharmacy aiming to uncomplicate the entire process of getting, keeping track of, and taking prescription medications. Most everyone is well aware of systems like drive-thru pharmacies and pill boxes, all designed to make acquiring and taking medications more convenient. PillPack, on the other hand, is more of a full-service solution thanks to their multi-faceted approach, which includes individual packs organized by date and time, free doctor-to-door delivery every two weeks, automatic refills, and round-the-clock customer support from their pharmacists.

Financially, it’s nothing but advantageous because all of this is done at no extra cost, meaning users pay no more than the copays they are used to. But I have to say — after some digging, it’s the community of satisfied customers that really stood out to me. For example, one mother commented on PillPack’s Facebook about how relieved she was to not have to worry about her daughter forgetting to take her medications when she went off to college. This really drove home the fact that this service is making a difference for students (and their caregivers) who rely on prescription medications.

In addition to checking out PillPack (which may or may not be right for you), here are a couple additional tips to help you or your loved one stay on top of a medication schedule:

• The FDA recommends making a master list of all medications and supplements (including when they need to be taken) along with copies for all educators and caregivers.
• Set a reminder alarm with your watch or phone. I believe PillPack is actually working on an app for this as well.

For educators, parents, caregivers and the students themselves, any and all forms of support, right down to the medication management details, will go a long way. One less part of the whole equation to worry about.

Photo Credit: PillPack