Is Your Workplace Introvert-Friendly?

Do you know a person with introvert characteristics where you work?

For the sake of argument, let us assume that he is a male (though gender has nothing to do with it).

Does he participate as much as everyone else? Well, probably not as much as we wish, but he’s doing his best. Evidently, he tries because he knows he must.

But don’t you wish that he could be just as active as everyone else?

You know, so he would not be as awkward all the time.

Introverts are not shy, but they are more comfortable when all eyes are not on them. Perhaps there are shy-types but, those are a few and far between.

If you are sincerely concerned about your workmate and you want him to participate more and not get left out on the side of the group, there are some ways for it.

Here are some things you need to understand about introverts:

Introverts are often sensory sensitive

Introverts have higher sensitivity when it comes to their senses. That is why they do not blend well with noisy surroundings. Physical factors in their environment can easily overstimulate them; therefore, they cannot function better than when they are alone or with lesser number of people.

If you want your introvert co-worker to be an active participant in the workplace, you should let him have a choice in activities so that you could take full advantage of his skills and abilities.

You just have to make him feel that he is a part of a group or a team. Give him some credit and make him feel that he belongs and that everybody notices his efforts.

In due time, introverts will open up to each and every one of you. Just do not expect to adapt quicker than at a pace that is comfortable for the co-worker.

Introverts are good listeners

Their quiet characteristic comes with this gift as well. Your colleagues who are introverts are most likely good listeners, and that means when you talk to them there is a higher chance that they will understand your point.

Relating to a group activity, you can take advantage of this trait when there is something you need the group to know.

You can almost always rely on them when making sure that a statement is understood and disseminated properly.

And for that case, you can give him the task of making sure the information spreads across the group. Assign him to talk in front of the team and clarify what needs clarification on any topic discussed.

This way, he can develop their social interaction skills and slowly get out of their comfort zone. Encourage him that being in a team, means he is with colleagues and friends.

Of course, the process takes time, so be open-minded and have patience.

Final Thought

Team effort means all of you are involved, so encourage other team members to do the same as you do. When a person sees that everyone means well for him, he feels some positive energy that could eventually make him decide to take risks.

Get him to feel welcome and at home. Being an introvert is a good thing. So you should not treat you co-worker as an outcast just because they don’t speak up much or get out as often. They just do not feel the need to be with a lot of people.

As a matter of fact, their trait makes them stronger than most of us because they can live on their own and not always rely on the opinion of other people.

If you have more to add to this article, please feel free to leave a comment below and let’s discuss it.

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