GlassOuse is an innovative assistive device that helps people with different disabilities to access technology. People with limited hand functioning now can enjoy various devices from smartphones to TVs and Smart Homes. GlassOuse Assistive Device is a user-friendly, hands-free, wearable technology that connects to gadgets via Bluetooth. After the device is connected, a cursor appears on the screen, which is controlled by head movements and biting a mouth switch.


Mehmet Turker, the creator of the device, came up with this idea when he saw his friend was in need. The young man had lost an ability to move his limbs due to a serious spine injury. Watching the friend going through hard times, the founder developed an idea of GlassOuse. Now, this device helps people to pursue their dreams and explore new talents.


  • Connect GlassOuse to your device via Bluetooth
  • When cursor appears on the screen, move your head to move the cursor Bite the silicone ” bite click ” to make a ‘click’


  • Battery life up to 10 days without recharging
  • High Compatibility Non-carcinogenic materials, RoHS and CE certified
  • Auto calibration


  • Windows, Linux, Mac OS Android, Chrome OS, Smart TVs, and Smart Homes



The GlassOuse team ensures the device is one-size-fits-all and will comfortably fit anyone who needs it. GlassOuse glasses showcase the following features:

  • Smart battery – the device automatically enters sleep mode when it’s not in use
  • Sensitivity adjustment – choose from 3 options to configure the device’s sensitivity to your head movements
  • Quick response time – it takes less than a second to send commands to your gadget
  • Device compatibility – it’s compatible with Android phones, Windows, Mac, and Linux OS, and any brand of Smart TV
  • Wide viewing angle – wearer has 160° vertical and 180° horizontal viewing angle
  • Ergonomic and lightweight – the device weighs only 50g for a more comfortable fit
  • Non-carcinogenic and hygienic – the bite click is made of silicone that passed RoHS and CE certifications
  • Bluetooth connectivity – can connect to almost any device with Bluetooth capability

Staying true to their advocacy for creating the device, GlassOuse offered 2 ways for backers to support their campaign on Indiegogo back in June 2016. First is the “Profit” option wherein you can directly buy the product and they’ll use the earnings to further fuel their campaign. The “Non-profit” option asks for donations to help them give units to charities and organization who need the glasses the most.

They got their funding and even exceeded their initial target by as much as 150% which the team used to start a full-fledged company. They’re now offering affiliate programs to those who are interested in helping their glasses reach farther corners of the world.

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