IEP Development

Sometimes having an example of what our colleagues use will spark ideas that enrich our teaching. Here is an example. A colleague from another state (TN) shared with me a simple tool to plan for IEPs with General Education teachers. Check these IEP Development Forms out and see if they would work in your teaching practice.

IEP Development Form: Download DOCX    Download PDF

IEP Development Form for Speech: Download DOCX    Download PDF

Positive Behavior Support:

Example Positive Behavior Support Chart: Download PDF

Example Student Profile: Download PDF

These two resources are posted with permission from guest blogger Megan Gross. See her post on PBS in inclusive classrooms here: Lessons Learned Along the Way: 5 Strategies for Positive Behavior Support in Inclusive Classrooms

Challenging Behavior:

10 Things You Can Do to Support A Person With Difficult Behaviors: Download PDF or in Spanish (PDF En Espanol)

Here is a wonderful resource for taking a different perspective on people with “challenging behaviors”. Thank you to David Pitonyak for giving me permission to post this and other resources on the website.

Inclusive Education:

This document, created in conjunction with TASH, features 12 statements and 109 indicators of best practices for inclusive education. While there are many different schools who practice inclusive education, there are certain things that come up frequently as quality indicators that inclusion is happening. Whether you are a teacher, a parent, or an administrator you will see this document as extremely valuable

Essential Best Practices For Inclusive Schools: Download PDF

This publication comes the Georgia Advocacy Office (GAO) The GAO is a private non-profit corporation. Its mission is to work with and for oppressed and vulnerable individuals in Georgia who are labeled as disabled or mentally ill to secure their protection and advocacy. I have come back to this document time and time again and even though it has Georgia specific stories…the message is universal.

Promoting Inclusion: Download PDF

This document (from the Maryland Coalition for Inclusive Education) gives the vast body of research demonstrating the positive impact of inclusion in general education classrooms. It uses quantitative and qualitative research findings to explain the positive outcomes of inclusion on both students with and without disabilities, and describes effective tools in making inclusion work.

Inclusion Works!: Download PDF

Inclusion (Severe Disabilities):

This is a wonderfully concise article that explains how you can make inclusion a reality for students with significant cognitive disabilities. This is perfect to share with staff or parents who are interested in inclusion.

Making Inclusion a Reality for Students with Severe Disabilities: Download PDF

Podcast Transcripts

Download the full transcript of my interview with Dr. Julie Causton as we discuss how to reform our schools for inclusion. To this date, it remains our most downloaded podcast.

Think Inclusive Podcast #008: How Can We Reform Our Schools For Inclusion? with Julie Causton: Download PDF


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