Author: Zachary Fenell

Anti-Bullying from the Parent’s Perspective

  A mom and/or dad concerned about bullying at local schools should know she and/or he can take action to help resolve said issues. On Thursday we at Think Inclusive published insights from anti-bullying speaker Tony Bartoli regarding how educators can work to promote an anti-bullying message (“Anti-Bullying from the Teacher’s Perspective”). Today we examine Bartoli’s advice for parents. Building Community Asked how parents could work to prevent bullying Tony Bartoli stated “Parents can develop support groups and community activities that foster bullying awareness.” He added “Definitely try to involve the school,” warning against inadvertently developing an atmosphere pitting...

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Anti-Bullying from the Educator’s Perspective

Often times anti-bullying efforts focus on students but educators and parents can also play a role in stopping bullying or better yet, preventing bullying. To find out exactly how educators and parents may do this, Think Inclusive recently chatted with anti-bullying speaker Tony Bartoli. Between his personal experience and a decade on the speaking circuit, Bartoli contains many strategies to confront the issue. Today, Think Inclusive presents anti-bullying strategies for educators to implement. Come back Monday to read Bartoli’s suggested strategies parents could utilize. Recognizing Bullying A major hurdle to stopping or preventing bullying remains recognizing bullying behavior. Certain...

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Inclusion Spotlight #003: Barb Newman and the CLC Network

  With the metaphorical bulb replaced, Think Inclusive eagerly gets set to once again shine the “Inclusion Spotlight.” Experience and passion makes author and CLC (Christian Learning Center) Network’s Barb Newman an ideal candidate to feature in the re-launch kickoff spotlight post. Barb and I covered many topics during our phone conversation, with the highlights compiled below. On how education evolved over the years: “It is vastly different. Of course I’ve worked mostly within the Christian school settings but I worked closely with a couple public school counterparts. So, I’ve seen both sides do some changing. Obviously the biggest...

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Technology in the Classroom Debate: Exposing Misleading Facts

  Progress creates a need to adapt, something that confronts the education world thanks to the digital age. Columbia Business Times published an article by Bondi Wood Tuesday, December 3rd “Tablets Change Teaching at Battle High School” exploring how technology influences textbook use. Basically, Wood examines traditional textbooks versus e-textbooks, one cog to the technology in the classroom debate. Now pro and con charts for both traditional and digital textbooks accompany the piece. One problem though, select pros and cons seem to mislead. For instance, a con listed on the digital textbook chart reads “e-book readers are black and white,...

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Strategies to Triumphantly Improve Your Autistic Student’s Peer Interactions

Placing an autistic student into a general education classroom often creates an enigma. Such an effect occurs because unfamiliarity breeds mystery. Classmates may feel uncertain how to react to different behaviors. Consequently peer interaction suffers. In the Pelican State the Louisiana Autism Spectrum and Related Disorders (LASARD) Project works to change the above through education and training. Recently I enjoyed the opportunity to interview LASARD Project coordinator Julie D. Riley. Riley shared many great insights with me, some which I incorporated in my article for The Mobility Resource, “Why Peer Interaction Proves Crucial to Students with Autism.” Here at...

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