Author: Zachary Fenell

A Proposal to Revolutionize Inclusion

When you hear the term inclusion, certain thoughts will probably come to your mind. These thoughts form your concept or understanding about what inclusion looks like. Whether your concept contains a positive or negative cogitation speaks to your own experiences. This proves especially true when discussing inclusive education. Personally I did not fully appreciate the inclusion debate’s ramifications until I started writing a lot about disabilities. That might come across as surprising considering my cerebral palsy (CP). However, since my CP proves so mild there existed less barriers to including me within the general education classrooms. Subsequently I ended...

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Peer Advice for College Freshmen with Disabilities

  Well over a month into the new academic year and college freshmen who experience disability know a reality. College remains more challenging then high school. From learning the differences between an IEP and 504 plan to adapting to a new environment, college may overwhelm you. Relax! Inhale, exhale and continue reading. Looking to safeguard you from freaking out and dropping out, Think Inclusive reached out to current college upperclassmen and recent graduates with disabilities. Using their feedback from our survey “Your Advice for College Freshmen with Disabilities,” we created the following advice piece. Enjoy! Advocate for Yourself By...

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Assistive Technology Increasing Inclusion in Classrooms and Beyond

  Creating inclusive environments involves problem solving, something Sonora High School special education teacher Rob Mayben knows quite well. Mayben invented the Desktop Desk, an assistive technology (AT) device that enables better access for students with disabilities in classrooms and other environments. Recently Think Inclusive caught up with Mayben to learn more about his invention, including a special back to school sale which could help land you the AT device at a discounted price. Origins Behind the Desktop Desk One student’s needs initiated what eventually became the Desktop Desk. In 2008 Rob Mayben found himself with a student named...

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Duo Promotes Inclusion by Sharing Real Life Story

  Under the banner “Handicap This!” Chicago natives Mike Berkson and Tim Wambach travel the country promoting inclusion by sharing their real life story. Think Inclusive recently interviewed Berkson and Wambach to find out more. The two first met in 2001 when Wambach became Berkson’s one-on-one classroom aide. Wambach explained “Mike has cerebral palsy and it affects his arms, legs, and torso leaving Mike virtually unable to do anything for himself.” While limited physically, Berkson remains far from helpless. Through his academic career he stayed vocal giving his opinion. Something Berkson notes didn’t always receive a warm welcome. “Often...

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5 Graduation Stories That Demonstrate Inclusion Works

June came and went, but not without first providing us with graduation stories that demonstrate how inclusion can work. Now before Father Time leads us any deeper into July, Think Inclusive wishes to reflect back on said graduation stories. Allow the following to remind you that students with disabilities cannot only survive inclusive environments but also thrive. *Writer’s Note- Criteria used when selecting stories to highlight included disability type and academic achievement. The goal of incorporating different disabilities is to establish a greater reach with the article. “Student with Disability Becomes Valedictorian” WTSP Tampa, FL – Starting off today’s...

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