Author: Zachary Fenell

Inclusion Spotlight #006- Dylan Rafaty/DylanListed

Over the past couple of years at Think Inclusive, we have used our “Inclusion Spotlight” segment to highlight individuals who take extraordinary efforts to make inclusion thrive. For the most part, that spotlight focused on inclusion inside classrooms and schools. Eventually, though, students graduate and seek a spot within the workforce. Today, we shine the “Inclusion Spotlight” on DylanListed, where founder, president, and CEO Dylan Rafaty strives to make the workforce a more inclusive place. DylanListed is a job-finding website that addresses disability employment from multiple perspectives, including current special education (SpEd) students, job candidates, service providers, and employers....

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Book Review: LOVE & JUSTICE by Diana Morgan-Hill

  In her memoir Love & Justice, Diana Morgan-Hill tells her incredible tragedy-to-triumph story around those two universal themes. As a young woman, the author’s hunt for love was complicated by an accident that caused her to have both legs amputated. Hill takes her readers inside Britain’s courtrooms on another, simultaneous hunt for justice. Love & Justice naturally begins with the catalyst for everything—the accident. Upon entering the train station on her way to a business meeting, Hill noticed her train had already pulled in.  She hurried on her way over to the platform and boarded the train, and throughout...

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Inclusion Spotlight #005- Zeno Mountain Farm

Picture a camp where friends gather together to make movies and enjoy friendship, “friend” really proving the only role which matters. As opposed to say more traditional camps with the distinctions “counselor” and “camper.” This place you picture exists and goes by the name Zeno Mountain Farm. However, there likely remain differences between your vision and the real Zeno Mountain Farm. For instance, you probably did not picture campers with Down syndrome, cerebral palsy, and Williams syndrome amongst other disabilities. Impressed by the camp’s loving and accepting environment Think Inclusive reached out to Zeno Mountain Farm co-founder Will Halby....

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12 Ways to Think More Inclusively

  Embarking on self-improvement requires no celebratory facades. Many people treat a new year or turning a year older as reasons to set goals. Honestly though the reason does not matter. The desire to change for the better proves much more important. Becoming a more inclusive-minded person stands one way to improve. Who better than Think Inclusive then to help you think more inclusive?! Enjoy these 12 ways to think more inclusively. The following lists only 12 ways to think more inclusive and does not intend to act as a “Top Ways” or “Best Ways” list. Items go in...

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An Overlooked Resource – People with Disabilities

  Sometimes in the search for resources to help best educate students with disabilities one resource goes overlooked, other people with disabilities! Doctors give their opinions. Therapists whether physical, occupational, speech, or another kind recommend resources. Parents un-doubly perform their own research and bring up their results with the aforementioned professionals. All that proves great but I feel to exert an even more comprehensive effort try reaching out to other people with disabilities. Living with a disability inherently gives a perspective no degree or training program can teach. A perspective rooted in real life experiences, valuable experiences to learn...

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