Author: Zachary Fenell

Inclusion Spotlight #007: Mark Deaf McGuire

Thinking inclusive requires different thoughts depending on the disability. Just compare say an inclusive atmosphere for someone autistic and an individual with cerebral palsy. Each involves separate steps to achieve the same result, inclusion. However, at least one essential similarity applies to all disabilities. An open mind! In said spirit, I on Think Inclusive’s behalf happily dust off our spotlight segment to feature deaf advocate Mark McGuire. No, not Mark McGuire the former home run hitting Major League Baseball player. Rather I recently interviewed the self-branded Mark Deaf McGuire. Born deaf, McGuire grew to become a passionate advocate for...

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Thriving in an Inclusive Fitness Setting

Hello again, after a long absence. Too long! I went missing around here after July 9th. A luxury the site can afford thanks to the great posts from Tim Villegas and various guest bloggers. While away I enjoyed the different offerings provided by an inclusive fitness setting. In the process I achieved new milestones, establishing a new personal best in 5ks (3.1 miles). Plus I completed my goal to walk a half marathon (13.1 miles)! Along the way, I discovered a passion for encouraging others with disabilities to live active lifestyles. Activities like joining a team, going to the...

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Three Tips to Make Classrooms Mobility Device Friendly

  Achieving greatness requires overcoming challenges. The more challenges faced, the increased greatness. Perhaps that explains why establishing an inclusive environment remains so challenging. Inclusion’s many benefits certainly make inclusion great and hence worth the problem solving efforts. Obstacles to inclusion vary based off different special needs, although certain obstacles transcend specific disabilities. Such proves the case with mobility devices. Students who use canes, walkers or wheelchairs encounter similar issues. No matter the disability. In an effort to identify these issues and compile solutions Think Inclusive reached out to adults with disabilities via a survey “Blending Mobility Devices into...

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Five of Our Best Posts on Autism Acceptance

  While autism acceptance or at the very least autism awareness receives the spotlight in April, we at Think Inclusive promote autism acceptance year round. Over the past few years we proudly published pieces geared to help our readers better understand autism. For a limited time we open the Think Inclusive archives to the general public so everyone can read or reread our best autism content. Enjoy! “Why Autism Speaks Hurts Us” by Amy Sequenzia (Guest Blogger) Leaders in a movement essentially shape attitudes towards the given issue, an occurrence guest blogger Amy Sequenzia puts into context regarding Autism Speaks...

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Inclusion Spotlight #006- Dylan Rafaty/DylanListed

Over the past couple of years at Think Inclusive, we have used our “Inclusion Spotlight” segment to highlight individuals who take extraordinary efforts to make inclusion thrive. For the most part, that spotlight focused on inclusion inside classrooms and schools. Eventually, though, students graduate and seek a spot within the workforce. Today, we shine the “Inclusion Spotlight” on DylanListed, where founder, president, and CEO Dylan Rafaty strives to make the workforce a more inclusive place. DylanListed is a job-finding website that addresses disability employment from multiple perspectives, including current special education (SpEd) students, job candidates, service providers, and employers....

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