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Should I Get Carrier Screening?

A genetic carrier is an individual who does not show any signs or symptoms of a genetic disorder, but who has a mutated copy of the gene and may pass this gene for a condition to his or her child. Each individual inherits two copies of each chromosome, one copy from the mother and one copy from the father. Chromosomes are structures that carry the DNA sequences and make up genes (units of DNA that determine physical and developmental characteristics). Sometimes, the DNA sequence that makes up a gene is mutated, or changed, and can cause a genetic disorder,...

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Importance of Time Management When Studying

The saying that “time flies” actually holds true when you have to do something really pressing and you are pressed for time. This is so true for those preparing for exam. At the start of the school year it will feel like you have a lot of time in your hands and can get away with a little partying. However, before you know it you have gone midterm and very soon you will have to seat for exams. When you find different tuition services about principles of accounts, it is not for fun. Note that there is a reason...

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