Author: Tim Villegas

SWIFT Unscripted Podcast: Dr. Mary Morningstar shares Transition Tips

Dr. Mary Morningstar is the director of the Transition Coalition. She shares transition tips and resources for supporting students with disabilities to achieve their post-school goals. Dr. Morningstar shares Transition Tips Something stuck out to us as we were listening to this podcast with Dr. Morningstar. It was the statement that “there isn’t a substantial amount of evidence, 20 to 30 years later, that effort to create a completely separateĀ curriculum for a certain class of students made a difference [for post-school outcomes].” As the podcast continues, the host and Dr. Morningstar discuss whether or not classrooms with the “functional...

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Inclusion Spotlight #001: Hope Technology School

We first became aware of Hope Technology School (HTS) through Russ Ewell (@D_Scribbler), founder of Hope Technology Group. He shared that HTS was an excellent example of what a genuinely inclusive school looks like. We reached out to Howard Kiyuna (@HowardKiyuna), a teacher at HTS and asked a few questions about how he got started with the school and what he thinks makes HTS a great learning environment for all students. Below is his response: My name is Howard Kiyuna, and I am the Language Arts teacher for the Middle School program at the Hope Technology School. I also...

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