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Advantages of Online Tutoring Services For Young Students

  We no longer live in the time and day when we would still need to pick up our phone to have a box of pizza delivered. We no longer need to bring extra thick textbooks to school. In this age of technological advancements—of ordering pizza using our smartphones and Kindles and iPads and cute kittens on YouTube—everything is made is possible in just a few taps and clicks away. And many, many more. Online tutoring on LearnOK is aimed to help you with your assignments. Online tutoring services have becoming popular. Parents whose time is spent mostly working...

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Dissertation Help: How to Complete Your Dissertation

Many graduate students have preconceived ideas that writing a dissertation are like writing a college essay. They quickly learn that the process is nothing like they expected, with many becoming overwhelmed and losing focus. This article offers strategies and help for writing a dissertation, so that you can stay on course and remain focused. As with any project, it is prudent to have a clear plan that gets you to the end goal: in your case, writing a clear, concise dissertation. Don’t Procrastinate and Start Early: Procrastination never leads to positive results. It only leads to frustration, haphazard research,...

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A Good Design Will Give Every Website More Traffic

Proper website management should be the most important detail when it comes to promoting a business and owners should take into account that a website’s design and visibility on popular search engines such as Google, Yahoo or Bing should take top priority when it comes to a good marketing campaign. Owners are doing whatever they can to improve the way in which a business generates profit and marketing their products on websites and social media is paramount in terms of assuring that a business is thriving and owners could visit to ensure that such services are provided. Not...

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Guidelines for Writing a Critical Thinking Essay

Writing a critical thinking essay may sound difficult, but the process can even be enjoyable when tackled a step at a time! If you have been asked to write one, this gives you the rare opportunity of expressing your own opinions and views, and developing your creativity at the same time – while being taken seriously! You are already a critical thinker without realizing it – this type of thinking is embedded in our everyday life. We do it automatically most of the time, for example in deciding the best college to apply to, or how to solve a...

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