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How to Wash the Border Between Children with and without Disabilities in the Classroom

As of 2013, inclusion has become one of the hot issues discussed by society. Its wider notion is the ideology of embracing, and this notion narrows when we talk about a particular field. What is inclusion in education? It’s the right of every student with special needs to attend their neighborhood schools and regular classes and the right to be supported to contribute to the life of their schools. But including students with special needs into mainstream classrooms can be very difficult and challenging. These students often become the victims of bullying, which has recently become a burning issue...

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12 Myths About People with Developmental Disabilities That Need Busting

The myths surrounding developmental disabilities usually have no basis in fact. They are unfounded beliefs or assumptions that have been perpetuated for so long that they have been accepted as truth by some in society even though their inaccuracy is obvious. These myths create indifference and intolerance. They foster stereotypes that are completely unfair, and that can lead to injustice for human beings who have done nothing to deserve such treatment. The following is a sampling of the many misconceptions that some people still have about individuals with intellectual challenges. MYTH: People with developmental disabilities are all the same. This...

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