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Is Inclusion A Mirage? (Part Two)

By Aaron DeVries A version of this article was published on the Just A Daddyo blog. The Administrator’s Role In Service Delivery The administrator’s responsibility to ensure efficient and effective delivery of services is part of the discretion as they are responsible for the finances of the school district. The administrator has to do what the law states but they have to do it in a way that is efficient and effective so the district is not wasting resources. The administrator’s responsibility to their own values is also part of the discretion as everyone brings their past to the...

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Is Inclusion Just A Mirage? (Part One)

  By Aaron Devries A version of this article was published on the Just A Daddyo blog. I am a parent of a child with special needs and because of her special needs she is in the special education system. If you have never had a child in special education or worked in special education as a career you will not fully appreciate the complexity of the system. The first time it really hit me that there are two very distinct yet intertwined education systems was the night we went to our son’s Kindergarten conference and our daughter’s Preschool...

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Inclusive Schools Are For Everyone

The following speech was given by Aaron DeVries on November 14th, 2011. Superintendent Krenz, Chairperson Keenan, members of the board, my name is Aaron DeVries and I am here tonight as a parent and in my role as Chairman of the district’s Special Education Advisory Council or SEAC.  I am honored to be discussing inclusion; inclusive schools week and our community showing of the highly acclaimed film Including Samuel with you this evening. The definition of inclusion from the Merriam-Webster Dictionary online version is “the act or practice of including students with disabilities in regular school classes”. The definition makes it...

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