According to the Parole Board of Canada, the federal conditional release population is around 8,830, which is quite a lot, largely due to reformed individuals who have had a rough life as a result of being involved in criminal activities. Today, these individuals can easily blend in with citizens and almost everyone of them have indicated no signs of criminal activity. Despite being in these overwhelming circumstances as a result of crime, if you want to turn your life around and become a better human being, a Canadian pardon can help a lot.

The Canadian Pardon

A Canadian pardon is granted by the PBC (Parole Board of Canada) only when it is determined that an individual shows no signs of ill activity and he/she has completed all sentences while meeting the eligible criteria for imprisonment. It must be noted that this pardon does not erase your criminal background, although it does  separates and hide it from everyone, including any academic institutions and prospective employers, so that you are not burdened with your past and can pursue a normal life with ample work and study opportunities. .

How to Apply for a Canadian Pardon?

Canadian pardon, aka. record suspension is easily granted by the Parole Board of Canada if you meet their eligibility requirements. You are eligible for the process if you have successfully completed your  sentence and show no signs  of criminal  activity or intent, and promise to be a decent and hardworking  citizen in the eyes of the government.

You need to get a hold of the following necessary documents: criminal record from RCMP, court information, local police record check, proof of citizenship or immigration documents, photocopy of documents that supplement your proof of identity, application form for record suspension, and a measurable benefit form.

Once you have these documents handy, fill out the forms and submit them to the PBC along with the processing fee (either by cheque, pay order or credit card).

Be sure that all your documents are original and you have photocopies of them all which may come in handy in future. Better safe than sorry, right? Now, you must wait patiently until the PBC informs you if your pardon application has been  accepted or not.

The likelihood of  your pardon application being accepted is high if you show no signs of criminal activity if you apply for pardon after the completion of your prison sentence and it is generally only denied if you do not meet the eligibility criteria.