We no longer live in the time and day when we would still need to pick up our phone to have a box of pizza delivered. We no longer need to bring extra thick textbooks to school. In this age of technological advancements—of ordering pizza using our smartphones and Kindles and iPads and cute kittens on YouTube—everything is made is possible in just a few taps and clicks away. And many, many more.

Online tutoring on LearnOK is aimed to help you with your assignments.

Online tutoring services have becoming popular. Parents whose time is spent mostly working have been seeking help for their children from online experts. This only means they can leave home without thinking if their kids are getting enough help in their homework and school projects. Online tutors are also flexible, they can adjust to your kids’ schedule. And you would no longer have to leave your kids unattended with a stranger at home since the communications are done via computer.

If you are still on the fence about online tutoring services, we have listed a number of advantages that you and your kids get from it. We hope by the end of this article, you can make up your mind if this is for you.

Convenience is the name of the game

Everything is done over the internet and it would prove to be very convenient for you and your child. The online expert will have a one-on-one meeting with your child whenever he or she feels like it or if his or her schedule permits. The sessions are online so all you need is a fast and reliable internet connection and a laptop and you are good to go. Skype is preferred method of communication, but some sites offer their own application.

Qualified and expert tutors

The experts you will hire from the internet have been through a thorough screening process to make sure they are fit for every child’s needs. If you are looking to get help for your kid’s mathematics project, you can be assured that the online tutor that you will get is someone who had taken math as a major in college (or even a Master’s in Math) and someone who has a teaching experience. To be sure, you can request for proof of credentials if you want to make sure you are getting your money’s worth.

Flexible hours

Did something come up the last minute and you can no longer make it to your online meeting with your tutor? Worry no more. These online experts are trained to adjust to your schedule and will find the time to squeeze you in. Since the meetings are online, you can always go to a place with good internet connection then you are good to you. If you are the type of student who studies best at a coffee shop, then pack up your laptop and some headphones. Your tutor does not mind. They are flexible and understanding.

Personalized approach, better understanding

Online tutors are also trained to detect your kid’s learning style and adapt to it. If online tutors think they need to slow down, they will slow down. Not only that, they will also go back to page 1 to review basics and make sure your kids comprehend what they have tackled so far. Your kids would not fear to ask any questions if they feel confused about something. Sometimes, online tutors would reference pop culture stuff, like your kid’s favorite artist or movie, to make sure he or she is paying attention. This way your kid learns more while having fun. That is why online tutoring is also good for kids with special needs.

Available for almost every subject you can think of

Your kids might need tutoring services in engineering, finance, accounting, reading comprehension, Italian art history, foreign languages, statistics, psychology, or Calculus—and they would still get them. Before, finding someone who knows about these things are quite impossible. But thanks to the unbelievable power of the internet, this problem is solved because in just a few taps, you can avail of the service of someone certified in Engineering. Who could have ever predicted this future of online tutoring? Imagine being tutored by an expert French mathematician or a Vietnamese linguist? Your child would not only learn about the subjects you paid for, but also about other cultures too!

Online tutors are great at what they do

There are many a time when you have a difficult time explaining something to your child because it is something you yourself did not understand in high school or a subject you did not take. Or sometimes, just simply we no longer remember. Who could remember Trigonometry or Theories of Economics? Online tutors understand that it could be a while since you took these subjects in college and they will make your life easier by explaining these to your kids so you do not have to. When tutors teach your kids, they will not only based from they know, but also from their experiences in the profession.

Tutoring services do not cost fortune

Despite what others think, people who have availed of the services of online tutors say that it is affordable. It could cost well the same as getting a personal tutor who could drop by your home, but what you are paying for in tutoring services is the expertise of the tutor. Like what was said before, the sessions are virtually online. You can dismiss the fear of leaving your child at home alone with someone you barely know. You can go to work feeling assured that your kid is home safe and learning a lot. By the time you go home, you can just focus on what is more important: focus on being a loving, caring mother or father.

There you have it. Those are just some of the advantages of getting online tutoring service compared to the more traditional method. The world as we know it is changing very fast and we need to adapt for fear we might get left behind. Embrace the good change brought about by modern technology.

Images by Jazmin Quaynor and Tran Mau Tri Tam under Public Domain CC0.