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Inclusion Spotlight #001: Hope Technology School

We first became aware of Hope Technology School (HTS) through Russ Ewell (@D_Scribbler), founder of Hope Technology Group. He shared that HTS was an excellent example of what a genuinely inclusive school looks like. We reached out to Howard Kiyuna (@HowardKiyuna), a teacher at HTS and asked a few questions about how he got started with the school and what he thinks makes HTS a great learning environment for all students. Below is his response: My name is Howard Kiyuna, and I am the Language Arts teacher for the Middle School program at the Hope Technology School. I also...

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Think Inclusive Podcast #014: Inclusive vs. Isolated Special Education Schools and Classrooms with Emily Ladau & Kyle Khachadurian (The Accessible Stall Podcast)

Today we have Emily and Kyle from the Accessible Stall Podcast (which if you are going to listen to any other podcast related to inclusion and disability – this is the one!) They keep it real about issues within the disability community. We talk about how and why they started The Accessible Stall. Also, we have a very interesting conversation about inclusive versus isolated special education schools and classrooms.

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Think Inclusive Podcast #009: How Can We Create Inclusive Sports Programs? with Russ Ewell

It was an absolute pleasure to have Russ Ewell on the podcast. After only being acquainted via social media, Russ and I finally have a nice long chat about inclusion in sports programs as well as inclusive education. We meander through lots of topics on education but the theme is the same…we all learn better together. Don’t miss this great conversation with a true innovator. Recording from my living room in beautiful Marietta, GA…you are listening to the Think Inclusive Podcast Episode (009) brought to you by Brookes Publishing Company. I am your host Tim Villegas. Today I will be speaking...

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Inclusive Education Is Not Simply Something “Nice” We Do For Students

While I am pleased that inclusion has been featured in the national news as of late…it saddens me that it seems the best examples we have are in the private sector. Schools like Hope Technology School and the Ideal School of Manhattan are putting their philosophy of inclusion into practice and reaping the benefits. There are other examples of full inclusion schools that are not privately funded. The CHIME Institute in Woodland Hills, CA has been in existence since the 1990’s and has successfully provided a model of full inclusion. In Wisconsin, the one thousand plus student Hartland/Lakeside School District committed themselves to...

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My Life with Autism: A Speech by Jordan White

A friend of mine spoke to our school staff (Kincaid Elementary School – Marietta, GA) about his life with autism and being included in general education during Exceptional Children Week. This video was from April 2011. The complete transcript is provided below. Since the publication of this video, Jordan has graduated from Kennesaw State University (KSU) with a degree in computer science and is currently employed in the field of technology. You can read more about Jordan from the article “No Boundaries” published on the KSU website. My Life with Autism – A Speech by Jordan White and Family Tim: I...

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