Tomorrow Is Too Long to Wait for Inclusion

Think Inclusive Podcast #006: A Conversation About Autism with Ariane Zurcher from my living room in beautiful Marietta, GA…you are listening to the Think Inclusive Podcast Episode (006). I am your host Tim Villegas. Today I will be speaking with Ariane Zurcher, a Huffington Post blogger as well as creator of the blog Emma’s Hope Book, a chronicle of sorts about her autistic daughter. She is one of the leading voices in the autism community and I had the pleasure of visiting with her one evening in June. Ariane and I discuss what it was like to go from knowing nothing about autism when her daughter was first diagnosed to being such a strong advocate for the autistic community. We briefly talk about inclusion and what that looks like in her family. So without further ado…Let’s get to the Think Inclusive Podcast…Thanks for listening.


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Tim Villegas

Founder and Curator-At-Large at Think Inclusive
Tim Villegas has worked in the field of special education and with people with disabilities for over ten years. Tim has turned his passion for blogging and promoting ideas about inclusive schools and communities into his own website, He believes that we can create a bridge between educators, parents, and advocates (including self-advocates) to promote ideas, innovation and inspiration to change our world to be more accepting and value each and every human being. Tim lives with his fetching wife and three adorable children in Marietta, GA.
  • Thank you Tim and Ariane for sharing this heartfelt conversation.
    I agree that a label of autism should not have negative, fearful connotations but should open a door that leads to understanding, resulting in empathy and acceptance. A label should not define a person. People with autism, like all people, are multifaceted and have strengths, talents and personality traits to share that enrich their own lives, their families, communities, and school classrooms. They inspire as they face each day with courage and determination. They deserve the right to participate as valued members of inclusive community and school environments that provide them the self-esteem and potential to reach their individual goals.
    Sharon Fialco
    “Starabella” narrated musical picture books for children 2-8
    Based on the music and dream of a bright new world of friendliness and acceptance of our daughter Tara. Tara is a pianist and composer with autism.

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