Tomorrow Is Too Long to Wait for Inclusion

The best choice my parents ever made for me : An inclusion success story

By AZ Chapman
This post was originally published at AZ is Amazing. AZ is one of the many young self-advocates that are taking to new media to highlight the benefits of inclusion. I am honored to share her story with you.

So   I  have been hearing multiple times about  the fight parents   need to have  to give their child an inclusive education.  Every time  I hear about this my heart breaks because I know  what the benefits are to being include  and I feel so powerless because I can not anything to fix the system  but hopefully  it will be different in three years  since I am becoming a  special education teacher for now this is all.  I do I hope everyone enjoys the video.  Feel Free to share  just leave a comment first.

AZChapmanAZ Chapman is a young woman that has Cerebral Palsy, Nonverbal Learning Disorder and Anxiety. AZ hopes to be a special education teacher. She has been previously featured on the blog here. She has recently completed a YouTube web series, “Able to  Go to College” in which she gave updates about life as a disabled college student. You can visit her website  AZ is also a youth leader at I am norm. 


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