Tomorrow Is Too Long to Wait for Inclusion


Quote from short film by Dan Habib (maker of Including Samuel and the forthcoming Who Cares about Kelsey?) If you are not willing to differentiate instruction for the wide range of learners that you have, including students with autism, then you … [Continue reading]

This Special Ed Elephant Is Staring Straight At You

A version of this article was originally published at Educollab. I love elephants.  I collect elephants of all sizes and materials.  I love reading about elephants.  These elephants are different.  There are many elephants in the room. Poverty. … [Continue reading]

My Decision to Homeschool My Son With Autism

I’ve been asked to write about our decision to homeschool Jackson, our middle school son with autism, a number of times.  People’s response generally falls into 2 camps: extremely skeptical or enthusiastically supportive.  There seems to be little … [Continue reading]

The Case for Inclusion: Does All Really Mean All?

This was originally published at Ollibean.  Just a short caveat before we get into the post. There is real discrimination going on in the United States against those with disabilities being educated side-by-side with their peers in neighborhood … [Continue reading]

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