Tomorrow Is Too Long to Wait for Inclusion

My Child Is Starting an Inclusive Preschool: Now What?

By Nakeshia Wright Somehow, inexplicably, the school year starts. Summer vacations were had, swimming lessons were taken, and probably too many popsicles and ice cream treats were enjoyed. Throw in a few inevitable tantrums and occasional mischief … [Continue reading]

How Data Would Have Improved My Inclusive Classroom

How Data Would Have Improved My Inclusive Classroom

By H. E. James, MBA I haven't taught for many years, but I recall my first year of instruction in a junior-senior high school vividly. I was one of two ninth-grade English teachers in a school district that barely had 100 students in it. When my … [Continue reading]

A Letter To My Daughter’s Teacher

letter to my daughters teacher; a pad of paper with a pen resting on it

By Ariane Zurcher Editor's Note: This version of the essay does not reflect the recent changes made by the author. To read the post as was intended by Ariane Zurcher please visit Emma's Hope Book | Living Being Autistic. My daughter, Emma will … [Continue reading]

One Big Misconception About School Readiness

young girl waiting on the side of the road with a purple backpack

By Sandy Ginther As the parent of three daughters, I was always bothered by “Ready for School” initiatives. While my two typically developing girls passed their kindergarten readiness tests, I was still troubled by it. It was like they had to earn … [Continue reading]

The Importance of Inclusion in One Infographic

by UNE Online Social exclusion can impact entire families and entire communities, and is therefore an important point of discussion for social work degree seekers. Social inclusion is extremely advantageous to society by contributing to the … [Continue reading]

6 Accessibility Tools That Help Make the Web Accessible for Everyone

image of a man's hands typing on a laptop keyboard

The internet plays a huge role in keeping the entire world connected and has also revolutionized the ways in each we work, play, socialize and do business. Internet access is now so important that the United Nations has sponsored conferences which … [Continue reading]

Three Tips to Make Classrooms Mobility Device Friendly

A class reads from books. A disabled student is in a wheelchair.

Achieving greatness requires overcoming challenges. The more challenges faced, the increased greatness. Perhaps that explains why establishing an inclusive environment remains so challenging. Inclusion’s many benefits certainly make inclusion great … [Continue reading]

Celebrating Our Mistakes

a glass jar with marbles on the bottom

One of the things I most often discuss when training teachers to be more inclusive is the importance of reframing. We discuss reframing attitudes and reframing language, notions that tend to be easy to understand, even if difficult to apply. It's … [Continue reading]

Why Autism Speaks Hurts Us

a collection of blue puzzles pieces with one red piece in the midst of them

By Amy Sequenzia Autism Speaks...Are You Listening? When I was little and started to type, I was saying things like “life with autism is insanity”.  I didn’t recognize autism as an important part of who I am and I was only repeating what I heard. … [Continue reading]

What I Learned About Inclusion from My Administrator with Tourette Syndrome

Brad Cohen, star of the movie Front of the Class, holding a directors tablet.

The Interview As I passed through the entrance of the school and walked down the hallway of the office of my next potential employer, I heard Mr. Cohen’s vocal tics off in the distance. My special education supervisor had mentioned that the … [Continue reading]

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