Tomorrow Is Too Long to Wait for Inclusion

My Life with Autism: A Speech by Jordan White

jordan white; young white male wearing glasses sitting in front of a computer with the Kennesaw State University logo on it

My Life with Autism - A Speech by Jordan White... by sampsoninc916 A friend of mine spoke to our school staff (Kincaid Elementary School - Marietta, GA) about his life with autism and being included in general education during Exceptional Children … [Continue reading]

12 Actors Changing Disability Representation on Television

12 Actors Changing Disability Representation on Television

The awareness of disabilities and long-term illnesses in the media has risen considerably in the last few years, where actors with disabilities are making a positive impact and landing key roles regardless of their disabilities. There's an ongoing … [Continue reading]

The Jumblies Project: an Interactive Sensory Story

By Nicholas Cross, St. John’s School and College Could You Help Bring the Jumblies to Life? As a fundraiser I’ve helped bring some wonderful and hugely beneficial projects to life; from state of the art immersive theatres to seemingly impossible to … [Continue reading]

Blind Actor Performs in a Southern California Production of “Annie”

Mason Fessenden

A young actor is getting ready to perform in a local production of the play "Annie" next month, and there's one thing that distinguishes this talented man from others sharing the stage with him -- he's blind. Young, Blind Actor Performs in a Local … [Continue reading]

Autistic: On the Outside Looking In

This post was written by a friend of mine, Steve Summers. He has given me permission to repost this here. Do you know how it feels to be treated like an outsider? I do. I am Autistic. Some people seem to think that as a result of being Autistic, I … [Continue reading]

Achieving Inclusion with Grit and Gratitude

scrabble letters spelling out the word grateful

By Laura Bratton Just a few months before I started third grade I was diagnosed with an eye disease. My vision was deteriorating, and I would eventually become blind. So as I started the new school year, my parents were faced with a decision … [Continue reading]

A Place for Parents: Autistics and Allies

Sticker of two people holding hands.

By Larkin Taylor-Parker Disagreements between stakeholders of various kinds are fairly common in the disability community, but conflict plagues autism discourse. The place of parents is particularly contentious. As I prepared for this post, I … [Continue reading]

Mix Applesauce with Medicine to Create Inclusive Classroom Communities

jars of homemade applesauce

By Alex Dunn Inclusion is not a place, but rather a philosophy that all students deserve to experience successful academic and social participation side-by-side with peers.  What does successful inclusion look like?  Recently Nicole Eredics on … [Continue reading]

Striving for Community as a God-Loving Aspie

man looking up towards heaven thinking about god

By Timotheus “Pharaoh” Gordon Being autistic and striving to be a Christian is very rigorous at times, especially if there are little resources or examples for such community. I’ve been practicing Christianity for about a year and two months. It … [Continue reading]

Frequently Asked Questions about IEPs

parents shaking the hand of a teacher in a classroom

By Amanda Morin, There’s a lot to know when your child has an Individualized Education Program (IEP). From the legal to the logistical, here’s a look at five common questions parents have about IEPs and, more importantly, some … [Continue reading]

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