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Solutions To Help Educate Young People With EBD

In almost every classroom there are children with behavioral challenges. Here are some solutions to help educate young people with EBD.

Do you know that it is almost certain that in every classroom you enter in the school system there is a learner struggling with a condition called Emotional and Behavioral Disorders (EBD)? The unfortunate thing about this scenario is that in most cases, such students are never identified. They may be given other labels such as dull, lazy, on uncooperative. If not addressed, problems caused by such learners can make the work of the teacher challenging and disturb other learners. This is the reason why there is a need for smart solutions to help educate young people with EBD.

The aim of this article is to look at this problem in depth to try and solve the misunderstanding associated with it. The discussion will start by looking at what EBD is and then go on to discuss some ways by which learners with EBD can be educated in the modern classroom. Since the problem can affect kids, teenagers, and adults, it is important to look at solutions for all these groups. Educating such learners can present challenges which, when correctly identified, can be mitigated.

Defining EBD

Experts indicate that attempting a definition of EBD, which is sometimes known as Emotional Disturbance (ED), is quite difficult because it is a misunderstood phenomenon. For example, one question frequently asked is how emotional and behavioral disorders can be distinguished from a behavioral disorder. Even though it may be difficult to come up with a scientific definition, it is easier to pin down some of the physical behaviors that define this problem.

While all students in the classroom will exhibit typical daily behavioral problems, and sometimes even dangerous ones it is not all of them who suffer from EBD. A young person with EBD would usually exhibit what is known as antisocial, externalizing, or internalizing behaviors.

Externalizing Behaviors

When a learner constantly gets out of their seat for no apparent reason, curses, and yells at anybody who crosses their path without provocation and is disturbing to peers, that learner is showing externalizing behaviors. Other symptoms of this problem are exhibited in the student ignoring instructions from the teacher, constantly hitting and fighting with other students, complaining or excessively arguing and failing to comply with directions. The signs above do not represent all the behaviors that should be watched for. Others such as destruction of property, failing to complete assignments, stealing, lying and throwing temper tantrums should also be noted.

Internalizing Behaviors

While some young people suffering from EBD may show the signs described above, others will show the exact opposite while still suffering from the same problem. They exhibit a very limited need for social interaction with others. Such children’s behavior is defined as internalizing.

While it is easy to ignore such children because their behavior does not present a threat to others, doing so endangers their development. If a child is not interested in playing with other children their age, lacks the necessary social skills required to make productive friendships, and often finds refuge in outlandish fantasies and daydreams, they may be suffering from EBD. Other behaviors indicating the prevalence of this problem in a young person can include being afraid without due cause, always complaining that they are sick or have been injured, and sometimes just looking depressed.

Possible Problems Educating People With EBD

As can be seen from the definition above, there are serious problems associated with attempting to educate learners with EBD, the common model of learning and teaching is one that depends on classrooms, and lecture theaters having learners who follow certain regulations about behavior. This is exactly what people with EBD do not do very well, and this represents massive problems for the teacher, the learner themselves and the other students in the classroom. This is the reason why children with this disorder tend to have a high chance of leaving school prematurely, ending up in jail, going into both drug and alcohol abuse, living on the margins of society and eventually dying early.

The main problem when educating learners with EBD is that they tend to perform below their grade level at a particular time. They find it difficult to read and perform mathematical calculations. Learning depends on learners being willing to corporate with the teacher, the rules, and needs of other students. Experts also indicate that such learners’ behavior interferes with their ability to learn the skills needed for productive scholarship and therefore tend to score very low marks in intelligence tests.

Educating Kids With EBD

While Children may suffer from EBD, they still need to be educated. A few things can be done by the teacher to mitigate this challenge including ensuring that class rules and activities are maintained clear and straightforward. Learners, especially those suffering from EBD, struggle with rules that are too demanding and complicated. The teacher can attempt to keep standards in the classroom broad and minimal. For example, the teacher can train the learners to arrive on time, be polite and respect the needs of others. They can then emphasize these rules until every student internalizes them.

Teaching activities should also be simple and clear. When the teacher uses events that are clear and simple, learners with EBD are given a chance to be part of the learning. This allows the learners to participate and interact with the activities of the lesson. This makes them feel that they are a part of the class.

Teaching Teenagers With EBD

When it comes to teenagers, the strategy is the same as with kids but should be made suitable for their age. Since teenagers with EBD generally lack the emotional balance required to concentrate for long periods of time, teachers should ensure that lessons have some small breaks to help bring such learners into the lesson.

If the teacher starts to feel that some of the learners are starting to fall behind in the lesson, they should stop teaching and allow them to catch up. Sufficient time should also be allowed for such learners to finish their assignments. Allowing for physical activities will give learners a chance to use their energy for something productive and controlled.

Education For Adults With EBD

It is probable that people with EBD will need to be educated later on in life when they are adults as the chance that they would have left school earlier is quite high. The most important thing to remember when dealing with such adults in the classroom is to understand the need for motivational strategies. Success should be celebrated appropriately. Educators should allow such learners to make decisions about their learning and be part of setting the rules.

How The Education Approach Differs When Educating People With EBD

The discussion above shows that educating learners with EBD is something that should be approached in a different way from educating everyday learners who do not suffer from such disorders. Teachers of such learners should always understand that these learners are slow and therefore lessons should be planned with them in mind. The teaching should be slow, and when there is a need to stop and allow these learners to catch up, the teacher should allow for this time. Teachers also need to ensure that their instructions are clear and simple.

Programs For EBD Learners In Different Countries

Different countries have various programs aimed at helping learners with EBD to get alternate learning. Such services provide therapeutic services to such learners. In the United States, such learners can benefit from The Elementary Learning Program, the Secondary Alternative Learning Program, or the Secondary Transition Program.

In the United Kingdom, learners can attend one of the many special needs school specifically dealing with learners who face such problems. Parents can check with the education departments in their countries to identify special schools in their communities that offer services for learners with EBD.

Learners with EBD attending colleges of higher learning can find it difficult to cope with the workload required in higher institutions of learning. This is made worse by the fact that higher intuitions of learning are not designed to deal with students who face these challenges. This is when those essay writing services become useful. Students can order papers in subjects that they are struggling with. These papers are then written by professionals who will help the learner to understand what the requirements of the question are. Using the custom writing services could be the difference between learners suffering from EBD getting to complete their qualification and ending up in the streets with no education and work.

Having emotional and behavioral disorders should not mean that a learner should be condemned to a lack of education. There are some things that can be done by the learner themselves, the teachers, parents and government departments to ensure that such learners do get an education. If this is not handled with care, such learners end up living on the fringes of society, being involved in drugs and dying prematurely.

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Donald Trump Is Bad for Students with Disabilities and America

donald trump in greenville, south carolina

Where does Trump stand on educating students with disabilities or disabled people in general?

If Trump’s mocking of a reporter with a disability in November of 2015 or the title of his book (Crippled America) is any indication, one can only infer the lack of respect he has for disabled individuals.

If that is not bad enough, he consistently and unrelentingly disrespects people from a whole host of backgrounds. Here is a meticulously compiled list of insults that he has made (and this is just from Twitter).

Maybe Trump is not that bad… Yes. He is.

Perhaps you are thinking along the same lines as Ben Carson…that Trump’s demagoguery is just “all political stuff” or he will suddenly stop all this hateful rhetoric when he becomes the Republican nominee. Don’t count on it. Trump has tapped into the bitterness of some of the most heinous and repulsive segments in our society and it is all playing out for us to see.

Carson decided recently to endorse the Donald after a series of conversations with each of the GOP contenders. Initially, Carson was hesitant to support Trump, given the noxious tone of his campaign, which included a few ad hominem attacks on the retired neurosurgeon.

But it appears Carson’s reservations melted away after learning that Trump doesn’t really believe all those terrible things he says – about Mexicans, about Muslims, about disabled people, about women. It’s all part of the show, you see. If Trump were indeed as dumb and venomous as he lets on, well that wouldn’t be presidential material. Luckily, though, it’s just par for the course, a little red meat for the racists and jingoists in the base. – SALON (March 14th, 2016)

This (in my opinion) is what makes Donald Trump so dangerous. Now is not the time (nor is there ever) to throw decency out the window.

What does this have to do with education or students with disabilities?

For those of us who care about education and the ramifications of Trump becoming president on special education and other disability rights legislation there is cause for concern.  Though Trump has not explicitly stated that he would cut the Department of Education (DOE), it stands to reason that he would make is sufficiently harder for the Department to conduct any oversight. The DOE houses the Office of Special Education Programs (one of the chief organizations that has control on how states implement the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act). Trump has also been a vocal advocate of getting rid of Common Core and giving control back to the local school boards but does not clarify what he exactly means since many (if not all) decisions about curriculum are already based at the state and local level. The truth is that the impact of a Trump administration is largely unknown and simply conjecture. This does not mean that Americans should just roll the dice and see how things shake out. This is especially true for those of us who advocate for full and authentic inclusion and believe that deep down we are fighting for civil rights.

We do know where some of the other candidates stand on the issues regarding disability.

Notably, the Clinton and Sanders campaign were one of the first ones to fill out the PwDsVote 2016 Campaign Questionnaire which was designed for people with disabilities and their loved ones  to know where candidates stand on the issues.

The questionnaire asked all of the presidential candidates on both sides of the aisle to comment on 16 disability questions. Former Sec. of State Hillary Clinton and Sen. Bernie Sanders responded by addressing all of the questions, and have significantly different views on the issues. Dr. Ben Carson and Gov. John Kasich filled out parts of the questionnaire, and also have significantly different views. Despite numerous requests in person and by phone and email, the campaigns of Senators Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio and Republican front-runner Donald Trump have not yet filled out the questionnaire.” – The Respect Ability Report (February 29th, 2016)

You can read the results released by RespectAbility here.

Bottom Line: Donald Trump is bad for the disabled and for America

It is not typical for our website to be for or against a particular political candidate but this is a singularly unique time in our history. We would hate to be silent on this issue when it is this important. We will leave you with some thoughts from Senator Elizabeth Warren.

There’s a history of demagogues calling those they disagree with “terrorists” and using that as justification for…

Posted by Elizabeth Warren on Monday, March 14, 2016


Thanks for your time and attention.

Photo Credit: Jamelle Bouie/Flickr

Dissertation Help: How to Complete Your Dissertation

Many graduate students have preconceived ideas that writing a dissertation are like writing a college essay. They quickly learn that the process is nothing like they expected, with many becoming overwhelmed and losing focus.

This article offers strategies and help for writing a dissertation, so that you can stay on course and remain focused. As with any project, it is prudent to have a clear plan that gets you to the end goal: in your case, writing a clear, concise dissertation.

Don’t Procrastinate and Start Early:

Procrastination never leads to positive results. It only leads to frustration, haphazard research, and less than perfect grammar. The key to any successful project is planning; the earlier the better. A great idea is to begin recording notes and ideas in a journal. Keep it by your side for those ah-ha moments.

Look for classes where the instructors and subjects are compatible with your interest and passion. Look for writing assignments that align with the topic of your dissertation. This serves a two-fold purpose. You become more knowledgeable in your area of interest and, the research papers you complete for class can go a long way in helping you write your paper.

Choose an Adviser:

Ask your fellow graduate students about faculty members who are engaged with graduate students. Find those who have positive reputations, those who are academically and socially engaged, and have positive attitudes for helping students reach their fullest potential.

You need an adviser who knows the requirements for your degree, understands the deadlines, and personally takes an interest in you. Pick an adviser who communicates well and clearly defines expectations. You’re better off picking an experienced professor over the new guy on campus. Try and find someone who has experience serving on dissertation committees.

Plan meetings with your adviser and keep a list of questions or topics you need to discuss. This will keep you focused and on topic. Take notes and ask questions. Your adviser knows the process and their perspective is advantageous.

Choose a Topic:

Choose a topic that’s manageable. Dissertations are huge and timely projects. Narrow your topic so that your research is restricted to certain criteria and not all over the place. You don’t want to spend the next ten years of your life trying to graduate.

This is why it is prudent to already have an adviser on board. Ask for ideas on how to narrow your search and doesn’t take you a lifetime to complete.

Choose a topic that you love rather than hate. I promise you; while you have dissertation writing service you will often hate the process and loathe the topic. If you already hate the topic, you’ll be less inclined to finish it. If you are passionate about your topic, you’ll be passionate about completing it.

Keep All Copies:

Don’t just keep a copy on your hard drive. Store hard copies of chapters on flash drives, external hard drives, online storage, or at your parent’s house. You don’t want to get to the finish line and find out that your computer crashed. Or your house burned down. Or the dog ate it.

Also, keep all drafts and comments. If your adviser asks you to put something back in and that draft is in the garbage, you are left with trying to remember what you wrote when. Keep everything.

Find Help:

Find an organized dissertation support group. This is an excellent resource for feedback, as well as providing encouragement and helping you to remain focused. Peers can help you overcome stumbling blocks and lead you to a counselor if you are so bogged down you can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel anymore.

Finish What You Start:

Just do it! Develop a strategy and follow through with it. Get in the routine of research and writing. Find out when you are most productive during the day and schedule that time every day. Treat this paper as if it is your part-time job and work the hours you schedule.

Create a time-line for deadlines; major benchmarks, such as data collection, chapters, defense arguments, and set realistic goals and expectations. Review and check off what you have completed and note what you haven’t. Remain focused and set deadlines. You’ll have a completed dissertation that you’ll be proud to present.

A Good Design Will Give Every Website More Traffic

Proper website management should be the most important detail when it comes to promoting a business and owners should take into account that a website’s design and visibility on popular search engines such as Google, Yahoo or Bing should take top priority when it comes to a good marketing campaign.

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Content provided by business owners paired with a Search Engine Optimization service is always relevant as they are marketing articles, videos and social media campaigns of Facebook and Twitter or Instagram to make sure that their products enjoy a great deal of popularity and will attract potential buyers and more traffic to a certain website.

A strong layout and enhanced user experience is always offered by web-designers which take care of its appearance ensuring that a clear navigation is always being provided. Search Engine Optimization firms will make sure that search engines will have their client’s websites on display and this process should be regarded as an important tool for anyone who owns a business and wants to lead a strong marketing campaign in order to make sure that their websites work in perfect harmony to what products they are promoting.

Websites should always stay relevant to the products that they are promoting as relevance is a key word on which every search engine algorithm is based on and not only will search engines provide potential customers with the most relevant answer to a question but this fact also means that SEO firms will always try to keep it as relevant as possible to make sure that a client’s website is always visible.

Guidelines for Writing a Critical Thinking Essay

Writing a critical thinking essay may sound difficult, but the process can even be enjoyable when tackled a step at a time! If you have been asked to write one, this gives you the rare opportunity of expressing your own opinions and views, and developing your creativity at the same time – while being taken seriously! You are already a critical thinker without realizing it – this type of thinking is embedded in our everyday life. We do it automatically most of the time, for example in deciding the best college to apply to, or how to solve a financial issue. Here are five steps which will help you focus on the task of critical thinking essay writing:

Step 1: Topic

This is the most important part of your critical thinking paper and what you write must apply to it. If you can choose your own topic, make sure it’s something you’re familiar with already; if not, check you can find plenty of information on the topic before commencing. This is important because in critical thinking your views will need to be expressed and applied, so a good understanding of the topic is necessary.

If you are given a topic by your tutor, don’t be afraid to ask some questions to gain further understanding. If you’re not sure what the subject means, you won’t be able to form a critical analysis or apply a personal opinion to it.

It may be an essay on something you have read. If so, take a little time before starting to go over the text in depth, then make a list of main points. These will give you structure to refer to, and keep your work organized as well as help generate ideas to discuss.

Step 2: Thesis statement

This is your main argument, and you will develop related ideas (both your own and from others) around this. Be clear on what it is you’re trying to say, and give reasons for your arguments. If you are referring to a text by someone else (e.g. a book, or research paper) include statements they have made which are relevant to your thesis, and follow them up with your own opinions and reasons for them. Always refer back to the text you are writing about throughout your critical thinking essay – this avoids wandering off the subject.

Step 3: Back up your arguments

You do this by referring to, or quoting, statements and opinions from others that agree with your own. This adds more ‘weight’ to your thesis and will help you form a convincing final conclusion to your essay. If you are using research, include findings and evidence that help to prove your thesis, and/or support your point of view. If you are doing an analysis as the subject of your critical thinking essay, or comparing two pieces of work by different authors for example, look for the similarities and differences between their work and list these for reference. They will give you ideas which you can expand on and bring into your argument(s).

If there are a large number of others’ opinions, research evidence, or viewpoints which can be applied to your thesis, after listing them choose the most valid or compelling ones and omit the rest. Otherwise, you may get side-tracked in your own arguments and lose the structure of a critical thinking essay, or end up with a book instead of an essay!

Step 4: Compile a draft

This is where you put the material gathered into a structured form. So, start by introducing your main points, or arguments, into the first two or three paragraphs. Make them concise – you will be developing them later.

The following paragraphs are where you go into more detail. Expand on your arguments, including others’ viewpoints and research findings etc. using a separate paragraph for each argument. Don’t be afraid to anticipate what others may respond to your own views – include these imaginary responses (which could be objections or criticisms) and reply to them with your own arguments or statements; but make sure they are relevant to your thesis – that way you will stay on track.

Step 5: Conclusion

This is an important part of your critical thinking essay as it summarizes the whole discussion formed in the main body – the preceding paragraphs – of your work. At this point you would state an opinion of how your thesis has been proved, or not proved – it doesn’t matter if the results are not 100% proven, because rarely is anything in life black or white. For most situations there will be a gray area. This gives you the opportunity to recommend further research in those areas which are yet to be resolved.

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The vast number of online casinos in existence and the variety of games offered over the Internet create the need for a guide to the many possibilities available. is a source for information about all aspects of online casinos, and you can use it to find the answers you seek as you go about your gambling pastimes.

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Game Rules and Strategies

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You deserve to have a place you can go to for comprehensive info on everything about online casino gambling. Not only can you browse from your desktop computer, but there are also iOS and Android apps that will let you access the site by using your smartphone, tablet or other mobile device.

How to Apply for a Canadian Pardon

According to the Parole Board of Canada, the federal conditional release population is around 8,830, which is quite a lot, largely due to reformed individuals who have had a rough life as a result of being involved in criminal activities. Today, these individuals can easily blend in with citizens and almost everyone of them have indicated no signs of criminal activity. Despite being in these overwhelming circumstances as a result of crime, if you want to turn your life around and become a better human being, a Canadian pardon can help a lot.

The Canadian Pardon

A Canadian pardon is granted by the PBC (Parole Board of Canada) only when it is determined that an individual shows no signs of ill activity and he/she has completed all sentences while meeting the eligible criteria for imprisonment. It must be noted that this pardon does not erase your criminal background, although it does  separates and hide it from everyone, including any academic institutions and prospective employers, so that you are not burdened with your past and can pursue a normal life with ample work and study opportunities. .

How to Apply for a Canadian Pardon?

Canadian pardon, aka. record suspension is easily granted by the Parole Board of Canada if you meet their eligibility requirements. You are eligible for the process if you have successfully completed your  sentence and show no signs  of criminal  activity or intent, and promise to be a decent and hardworking  citizen in the eyes of the government.

You need to get a hold of the following necessary documents: criminal record from RCMP, court information, local police record check, proof of citizenship or immigration documents, photocopy of documents that supplement your proof of identity, application form for record suspension, and a measurable benefit form.

Once you have these documents handy, fill out the forms and submit them to the PBC along with the processing fee (either by cheque, pay order or credit card).

Be sure that all your documents are original and you have photocopies of them all which may come in handy in future. Better safe than sorry, right? Now, you must wait patiently until the PBC informs you if your pardon application has been  accepted or not.

The likelihood of  your pardon application being accepted is high if you show no signs of criminal activity if you apply for pardon after the completion of your prison sentence and it is generally only denied if you do not meet the eligibility criteria.

How to Deal With Life After an Affair

Trying to make a relationship work can be a lot of hard work, especially if one of the people is unfaithful in the relationship. If you or your spouse have been caught being unfaithful, then you will definitely have a mess to clean up. Having cheating spouses scarborough can cause a lot of hurt feelings and without the proper amount of help can ruin your relationship. The best way to start to repair a damaged relationship is by going to affairs therapy. At counseling you will be able to start the healing process and maybe put the horrible experience behind you. The following are a few things you can expect when you go in for your affairs counseling.

The Airing of Grievances

One of the first things that your affairs counselor will have you do is to air your grievances with your partner. This is a chance for you to clear the air and get off of your chest all of the things that your partner has done to anger and hurt you in the course of your relationship. In most cases, you will feel a lot better after you get this off of your chest and it will allow you to move forward in your relationship.

Separating Fact from Fiction

After each partner has had their turn to tell the other what has hurt and angered them in the relationship, the counselor will go back and begin to decipher fact from fiction. This may take some time, but it will be worth it in the end. In some cases, a person will distort the facts of an event due to the emotional distress that it causes them. By getting the facts, you will be able to see what really took place and learn from it.

Moving Forward

After all of the metaphorical cards are on the table, you will be able to start to rebuild your relationship. After you strip away all of the emotion, you will be able to assess whether or not you will be able to stay with a person once they have cheated on you. If the answer is yes, then you will have to work on the trust issues that can arise from an event like this. The more you know about your relationship and the things that need to be fixed, the better equipped you will be to pick up the pieces and move forward.

Finding the right professionals to help with this process will make all of the difference.

Make The Most Of Your College Educational Experience

When you finally head off to college, a whole new world opens up for you – a world that is totally unlike anything you previously experienced. You can now go where you want, do what you want and have total freedom over your life. You are finally on your own and the experience is a great one. Heading to the dorm for the first time to live on your own, meet hundreds of new and interesting people and join as many clubs, frats, sororities or other groups as you desire. Yes, the doors of society have now finally opened for you, and it is time for you to take control of your life and make your own decisions without the helping hand of your parents. With so many things out there to see and do, many companies have recognized that the newfound independence of the college student is one which can be tapped into for extra financial resources. So, for students from all walks of life who are looking for great deals on products as well as new and exciting ways of getting from place to place, there are millions of different opportunities to explore to make the most out of your college experience.

Since most college students are over eighteen when they enroll, the first offer that they will probably receive is for a student credit card. Student’s credit cards are a real crapshoot, as some will give you great deals and valuable rewards while others are completely worthless and will not give you any incentives no matter how much money you spend. All too often, people looking for students cards will be sucked into a nightmare of credit fees, high rates and debt galore, so be sure to read all of the information about a potential credit card before you fill out the paperwork. Also, around this time, you will probably be presented with multiple students loans which can help you pay for your college tuition and housing fees. These are great, but remember that you will have to pay them back sooner or later and interest will usually start piling up the month after you graduate with your Bachelors.

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Simple Techniques For Writing An Epic Dissertation

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Dissertation writing is a compulsory requirement in graduate and postgraduate programs of different universities. This is required by your supervisor to confirm your knowledge in your respective field. Therefore it is a serious concern for every student.

Most of the students cannot figure out the procedure to write a dissertation because of various limitations in them, and it leads to frustration and stress faced by students. Therefore it is necessary to elaborate the procedure of writing an epic dissertation that could be effective and enables you to write your dissertation perfectly.

For that purpose, we have formulated 5 basic steps to complete an epic dissertation.

Step # 1: Planning Phase

It the most basic step which acts as foundation for your dissertation writing, it include topic selection, time schedule and management, selection of sources, and overall framework of research. Planning must be accurate and you have to stick firmly to your overall planning.

The main ingredient for perfect planning is knowledge about your dissertation and methodology of writing a dissertation. One way is that you should take guidance from your supervisor and teacher and consult them about your planning. Another way is to take online guidance as there are lots of articles and essays about effective planning for writing dissertation. Once your planning is done, you should firmly follow it.

Step # 2: Research Phase

It includes primary and secondary research you will employ in your dissertation writing. After evaluation of several sources, select the authentic and most suitable source according to your subject and topic of your dissertation.

It also includes the formation of conceptual framework and methodology of your research, whether it is qualitative or quantitative and it include the questionnaire design. But all of your research methodology should be based upon your research problem and main topic of your dissertation.

Lastly, it involves a well written literature review that is thorough analysis of already conducted researches related to your topic. Basically it requires to quote opinion of different experts that what they say about your particular subject.

Step # 3: Data Collection

After the research phase, the phase of data collection came. Collect the required data according to your research. If your research is quantitative, you have to collect quantitative data through questionnaire, and if it is qualitative, you have to conduct interviews.

Before the data collection, you have to select appropriate sample, for example, if your dissertation is about managerial practices or organizational development, your target sample would managers and employees of HR department.

Step # 4: Analysis of Collected Information

After the data collection, you have to analyze that data to find the result of your research.  There are different techniques for analysis for quantitative and qualitative research.

After the analysis, you present results and discuss those results whether they proof your hypothesis or not and comment about those results.

Step # 5: Making Conclusion

Finally you summarize your whole dissertation and make a conclusion that describes the main ending point of your whole dissertation.

Hence, if you want an epic dissertation, follow these 5 steps and get your dissertation done perfectly in no time.

Emily Nickless is a senior academic consultant at Dissertation Boost, She also loves to write and share her knowledge with keen learners around the world.

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