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We are pleased to announce that Brookes Publishing Company has given Think Inclusive+ Members access to exclusive book excerpts. The excerpts will be on a three month rotation. The following book excerpts are for the months of January, February and March of 2015.


1) The Inclusion Facilitator’s Guide

Inclusion Facilitator's Guide BookAuthors: Cheryl M. Jorgensen Ph.D., Mary C. Schuh Ph.D., Jan Nisbet Ph.D.

Inclusion facilitators are educators who do more than teach children with disabilities — they advocate for change in schools and communities, sparking a passion for inclusion in teachers, administrators, and families and giving them the practical guidance they need to make it work. This is an essential new role in today’s schools, and this guide prepares staff for the challenges of facilitating full inclusion. Developed by three experts from the Institute on Disability and the successful Inclusion Facilitator Training Option at the University of New Hampshire, this book helps readers

  • understand this multifaceted role, as real–life inclusion facilitators share their diverse experiences
  • learn about promising practices for supporting 10 key elements of inclusion, and use the “How To Know It When You See It” sections to evaluate their own school’s progress
  • transform the hearts and minds of those skeptical of reform by learning specific communication skills and recognizing the values, concerns, and personality types of others
  • function effectively as a collaborative team leader and a source of information and support
  • learn strategies for supporting students to be full participants and learners within the general education curriculum and classroom
  • advance organizational changes in specific areas such as scheduling and technology
  • use the University of New Hampshire’s proven program as a model for professional development

Whether used to prepare preservice educators or to augment the skills of in–service professionals, this comprehensive, strategy–filled guide will help inclusion facilitators create classrooms, schools, and communities where all students belong.

Click Here to DOWNLOAD Chapter 3, “Transforming Hearts and Minds: The Inclusion Facilitator’s Role as a Change Agent” by Cheryl M. Jorgensen.

Download the PDF file .

2) The Common Sense Guide to Your Child’s Special Needs: When to Worry, When to Wait, What to Do

Common Sense GuideAuthor: Louis Pellegrino M.D. Foreword Author: Mark L. Batshaw M.D.

What does it mean when a child is having difficulty with developmental milestones like walking, talking, and learning to read and write? What are the signs that a disability might be present, and what next steps can parents take to help their child?

Pediatrician Louis Pellegrino gives you clear and down-to-earth answers in this new version of the trusted bestseller When Your Child Has a Disability. Now streamlined and reorganized by key developmental milestones rather than by disability, this book responds perfectly to the needs of parents who don’t have a diagnosis yet or want to explore challenges common across disabilities. With reassuring warmth, good humor, and candor, Dr. Pellegrino offers practical guidance on what it means and what to do next when a child struggles with

  • speech and language development
  • motor skills development
  • daily living skills
  • social skills
  • behavioral control and attention
  • learning and cognitive development
  • vision, hearing, and sensory processing
  • special medical issues

Throughout the book, Dr. Pellegrino combines research-based information and guidance with vivid metaphors, jargon-busting explanations of key terms, fascinating “pearls of wisdom,” and engaging anecdotes from his personal and professional experience.

A go-to guide for families, a highly accessible resource for professionals, and an ideal supplemental text for tomorrow’s practitioners, this book will be a mainstay reference for everyone who picks it up. Keep it at your fingertips for a great developmental primer and the guidance you need to take first steps toward resolving a child’s challenges.

Click Here to DOWNLOAD excerpts from Chapter 4, “When Your Child Has Trouble with Social Skills Understanding Problems with Social Interaction” by Louis Pellegrino.

Download the PDF file .

3) The Paraprofessional’s Handbook for Effective Support in Inclusive Classrooms

Paraprofessional Inclusive Classrooms

Author: Julie Causton-Theoharis Ph.D. Foreword Author: Paula Kluth Ph.D.

What does a great paraprofessional need to know and do? Find out in this handy survival guide, equally useful for the brand-new paraprofessional or the 20-year classroom veteran. Packed with friendly guidance, practical tips, and relatable first-person stories, this book reveals the best ways to provide effective, respectful services to students in inclusive classrooms.

Julie Causton-Theoharis, a teacher, professor, and educational consultant with more than 10 years of experience as a paraprofessional instructor, knows exactly how to help readers stop feeling overwhelmed so they can start making a difference. She answers all the urgent questions paraprofessionals have as they navigate their complex job in the inclusive classroom, showing readers how to:

  • provide skillful and subtle support to students while encouraging their independence
  • resolve challenging behavior in gentle and positive ways
  • find students’ strengths and match support practices to them
  • fade their support
  • make informed decisions about content-specific accommodations, modifications, and adaptations
  • presume competence and keep expectations high
  • facilitate peer supports and friendships
  • partner with teachers, SLPs, psychologists, families, and other members of the educational team
  • relieve their own stress and avoid burnout

To help them master the daily ups and downs of the inclusive classroom, paraprofessionals will get ready-to-use practical content: tips for supporting students with specific disabilities, helpful question-and-answer sections, examples of successful problem-solving, a quick-guide to acronyms in education, easy ideas for improving teamwork, and more.

The essential guide for every paraprofessional—and a must-have for the educators and other professionals who support them—this empowering book takes the guesswork out of a critical classroom role and helps students with disabilities reach their full potential.

Click here to watch a recording of Dr. Causton’s webinar – The Role of the Paraprofessional in the Inclusive Class

Download a free and printable ‘Paraprofessional job description’ poster for your classroom

Click Here to DOWNLOAD an excerpt from The Paraprofessional’s Handbook for Effective Support in Inclusive Classrooms by Julie Causton-Theoharis Ph.D.

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