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Five Posts You Might Have Missed

Five Posts You Might Have Missed

Before we take a break for the holidays, we wanted to share with you some posts that you might have missed. We recently celebrated our 300th post (an amazing feat if we do say so ourselves). Don’t worry, we will be around before the end of the year to talk about all the exciting things planned for 2015. Check out these carefully curated posts from this past year and if you feel so inclined, share them with a friend or colleague.

1. 12 Things To Remember When Working With Challenging Students

Let’s face it. Some students are hard to work with for a litany of reasons. Maybe you are experiencing a challenging year in your classroom. Before you throw in the towel or give up hope, read this list of DOs and DON’Ts when encountering students who push you to the brink.

2. Young Man With An Autistic Twin Brother Makes Documentary About The History Of Special Education

Meet Miles Kredich, a teenager with a twin brother who has autism. Watch this short (8 minute) documentary that gives a history of special education and gives a great case for inclusive education.

3. On Being Joe’s Mom: Why Inclusion Is Important To This Mother

One of the most important speeches about inclusion and the mindset of a mother with a child with special needs that you will ever hear. Watch this ten minute video…it just might change how you think about parenting a child with a disability.

4. What Does Full Inclusion Really Mean?

I know that I do not have a corner on the truth. While belief systems and worldviews tend to get mired in rhetoric, the big picture of inclusion (specifically inclusive education) is far more forgiving. My aim in this piece is to clarify a big misconception about what full inclusion really means.

5. Why Bother Giving Access To Curriculum For Students With Significant Disabilities?

A 30+ year veteran teacher gives her thoughts on why it is important for students with significant disabilities to be given access to the general education curriculum. This is a must read if you are a teacher in a self-contained classroom.

Thanks for spending some time with us. If you have anything you would like to add please tell us about it in the comments section below!

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